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Archons spread Anti-Islamic Terror through cartoon strategy

Many Europeans and Americans erroneously think they have the Muslims under their joint terror feet and they could keep kicking them at will. On the imaginative strength of economic and technological prowess of western powers, the Archotic inflitrated minds of some Americans,  tormented by anti-Islam media stuff have time and again dared to ridicule Islam and its great Prophet Muhammad (SAS) through a highly mischievous film and nonsensical anti-Islam cartoons, has provoked worldwide protests and condemnation from the global Muslim community. What is world has been witnessing is display of unprecedented love and esteem for the holy Prophet of Islam.

One wonders as to why there have been a lot of anti-Islam attacks and why the anti-Islamic nuts in USA and Europe under the influence of the Archons continue to play fowl game targeting Islam and Muslims.  One has no ready-made answer as to who all gain from the deadly smear campaign and what!

One, however, knows why the Archontic-influenced NATO terror syndicate led by USA-UK terror twins occupy energy rich as well as strategically important Muslim nations, killing Muslims and looting the resources.

Not only do the Archon-influenced Zionist and other elites who prevail over the USA and Europe insult the Islamic faith and the Islamic Prophet, but the mass media also under the influence of Archons also support that trends, they also offer free lessons to Muslims to learn  how ot  tolerate anti-Islamic laws and insults.

As expected by the anti-Islam  terror strategists, the anti-Islamic hate film (Innocence of Muslims)  has helped generate a torrent of violence across the Muslim world during the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and in the following days.

The violence included an attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Many Muslims have been killed. Several U.S. and other foreign embassies were also stormed by the outraged and angry Muslims in cities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. On Friday, 15 people were killed during protests in Pakistan, and over the weekend a Pakistan government minister offered $100,000 to anyone who kills the movie's maker.

The enemy of Islam has played with psyche of believing Muslims and  crudely attacked Islamic faith and caused deaths.

Prophet Muhammad the most loved, adored and respected in Islam. For many Muslims, any depiction of the prophet is blasphemous. Caricatures deemed insulting have provoked protests and drawn condemnation from officials, preachers, ordinary Muslims and many Christians.

Some Muslims, perhaps the CIA agents, are engaged by anti-Islamic circles to condemn the Muslim reaction to deadly campaign against Islamic faith. 

The anti-Prophet film produced by the Jewish American along with his associates under state guidance is the worst kind of cynical experiment by sick minds with patience of Muslims.

The causes of anti-Islamism could be as many as there are embodiments of fanatic human mentality to derive sadistic pleasure out of human sufferings.

One top consideration is economics. Liquor, cigarettes, opium and other spurious drugs, like arms, entertainment stuff are very important to economy and Islam opposes all these. Hence the non-Muslims automatically become anti-Islam, trying to insult Islam and its Prophet.  There are quite a lot of Muslims in the world today consuming these "kick" stuff harming themselves.  Needless to say that non-Muslims encourage the Muslims to take to alcoholism and some Muslims resort to alcoholism for maintaining "prestige" in the groups and threaten or terrorize others.

Maybe, the number of drunkards among Muslims has dwindled in recent years and which is a serious cause of alarm for the anti-Islamic nuts, although still many Muslims are readily available for anti-social activities on payment cum liquor basis. And most of them land up in jails.

Officially European terrocracies, more than USA, oppose Islam and obstruct Muslims form practising Islamic way of life. Already many European states have imposed their anti-Islam will on life patterns of practising Muslims. With a view to insulting women, France has particularly imposed a ban on Muslim women wearing veil and taxes on them. 

On Friday published cartoons denigrating Islam’s Holy Prophet Mohammad. The drawings have stoked a furore over an anti-Islam film made in California that has provoked sometimes violent protests in several Muslim countries, including attacks on U.S. and other Western embassies, especially in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Western states shield the anti-Islam fanatic crimes as a key policy. A EU member because it is a prominent Muslim state. European terrocracies refuse permission to another European state Turkey to become a EU member.

Now in the face of global protests by outraged Muslims, instead of banning the horror film, France has banned protests on Friday against cartoons published by a satirical weekly denigrating Islam’s Holy Prophet Mohammad as part of a security clamp-down while prayers took place across the Muslim world.

It is a deliberate ant-Islam outrage.

The country's Muslim population, drawn largely from ex-colonies in North and West Africa, shrugged off the controversy as imams in mosques denounced the pictures but urged their followers to remain calm.

Interior Terror Minister Manuel Valls said prefects had orders to prohibit any protest and to crack down if the ban was challenged. "There will be strictly no exceptions. Demonstrations will be banned and broken up," he told a news conference in the southern port city of Marseille.

The main body representing Muslims in France appealed for calm as the weekly Charlie Hebdo put a new print run of the cartoons featuring a naked Mohammad on the newsstands. Mohammed Moussaoui, head of the French Muslim Council, described both the film and the cartoons as "acts of aggression" but urged French Muslims not to protest in the streets. "I repeat the council's call not to protest. Any protest could be hijacked and counterproductive," he told radio RFI.

Denial of freedom of expression by peaceful protest is part of terrocractic logic.. Police were on alert in the French capital after protests planned by some Muslim groups were banned.

That is European democracy and culture.

An estimated 8,000 Muslims gathered peacefully for Friday prayers at a temporary prayer hall in northern Paris set up in a former fire department depot. So many ppeople turned out that hundreds had to pray in the rain in the adjacent parking lot. "This demonstrates that the vast majority of the Muslim community is not made up of extremists," said Abderahmane Dahmane, spokesman for the local association that runs the prayer hall, one of the largest in the Paris region. "We just want our message to be heard: this sort of insult is a disgrace, but we will keep calm." "The majority will not play the game of the hotheads."

In anticipation of popular demonstrations and in a precaution ordered by the French government, French embassies, schools and cultural centres in some 20 Muslim countries were closed on Friday, the Muslim day of prayer. French regime appealed to all Muslim nations to protect its embassies. French media showed footage of an embassy protected by soldiers and barbed wire in former French colony Tunisia, where the Islamist-led government has also banned protests over the cartoons. About 100 Iranians protested outside the French embassy in Tehran..

Charlie Hebdo, a weekly whose Paris offices are under police protection, defied critics to rush out another run of the publication that sold out on Wednesday. It says the cartoons are designed simply to poke fun at the uproar over the film and on Friday hit back at critics accusing it of deliberately stirring controversy to sell newspapers. They say the Charlie Hebdo wanted to make a quick buck. The publication has a print run of around 70,000 but its Mohammad cartoons have made front-page news in a country which has both the largest Muslim and Jewish populations in Europe - an estimated five million Muslims and 600,000 Jews.

Maybe, for official purposes that President Francois Hollande's government has sought to balance a cherished tradition of freedom of expression with security concerns, denouncing Charlie Hebdo as irresponsible. "When you are free, in a country like ours, you always have to measure the impact of your words," French European Affairs Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

But they all as cold fanatics have collectively approved of the ban on protests against the cartoons. France has a proud tradition of street protest.

Although a few human right activists’ have approached  the courts  to punish the anti-humanity and anti-Islam culprits, one has to see  how far the extremely biased Archontic  judiciaries in the industrialized West can deliver justice against their own criminals.



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