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Terrorism: America's Archons created al-Qaeda to engineer War

The Muslims are, obviously for deriving sadistic pleasure, accused of spreading Islam by the sword but now in reality it is the anti-Muslims under the terror banner of NATO led by USA-UK terror twins that has killed millions of innocent Muslims in Muslim nations on the tricky pretext of Sept-11 hoax and the dictatorial USA is not for making peace, through imperialism,  with the rest as well as death-warrants for millions every time.

At par with the Americo-European leaders, the  anti-Islamic global media, nurtured by the CIA, have also taken it a challenge to let the truth about Sept-11 come out easily!
But how long can they shield the Sept-11 hoax official secrecy?
World is infested by so many cynical anti-Islamist criminals  like secret, insane  film maker Sam Bacile but these rogues continue to operate against humanity by targeting  Islam primarily because of the  support they receive from USA, UK and other NATO fascist nations and their hawkish leaders. The terror wars assuring the WW-III unleashed on Muslims and Islam is the testimony of the fact that Islam survived each time the enemy of Islam targeted the Muslims and Islam. Despite all anti-Islam wars and gang attacks, Islam remains the only true religion of the world protected by the Almighty, chiefly because it belongs to world, the humanity, not just for exclusive Muslims. Americans invaded and destabilized Muslim nation on the pretext of Sept-11, killing millions of Muslims but USA has no sympathy for those slaughtered by NATO terrorists. But when a extremist ambassador dies, USA is ready to send army.

The news like ‘the Pentagon is sending warships to Libya following death of an  ambassador killed in encounters between the outraged Muslim believers and the enemy of Islam shield by the American imperialism. ‘
The US fanaticism of rejecting Islam as a veritable faith and cancer, disregarding the reverence of more than a billion souls globally and calling the holy Prophet of Islam fraud is worst expression of US triclomacy. The Obama regime did not quickly condemn those cynical rhetoric of sick minds.
It is an US shame that millions of Islamic faith living on this earth are considered by the anti-Islam media lords as non-sense and identifying Islam only and always with a group of un-detectable, present everywhere but never-to-be-found ghostly creature called al-Qaeda -- the creation of CIA as a tool to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

Because al-Qaeda is such a mythical creature; they tend to mold world-wide perception into the view that the US military terror gangs and warships are the only answer.
CIA, world’s largest and most dangerous spy-cum-subversive agency with thousands of important functionaries working for it, operates globally, secretly recruiting agents only to generate such make-believe anti-Islam stories.
And obviously the enemy of Islam shielded by the West terrocracies has been on the rampage while their media agents blame the Muslims and Islam! They generate Islamophobia and terror atmosphere to further their terror cause... The fanatic fascists!


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