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India's Congress Party pursues corruption, sells-out nation

ONE -  India for Sale!

Thanks to rampant political and state corruption, promoted by Congress led political parties as the core philosophy of India, its system of governance is also extremely corrupt, promising crimes to sustain corrupt practices - both state and private. In fact in the domain of corruption both state and private play a joint, destructive role. As the  senior most political outfit of India armed with excessive manipulative skills, the Congress party wants to maintain a corrupt nation to protect the interests of mafias of all sorts. , including liquor and nuclear terror.

India is now among the leading corrupt terrocracies in the globalized world that employ terror gimmicks as a key tool to safely promote the state crimes and corruption. Multinationals, national corporates, rich and media lords stay with the regime and jointly shield their composite crimes against humanity. They deny the poor and deprives sections their legitimate share of economic development and terrorize them to silence them. Price rice, subsidy cuts and sale of national assets to regime relatives and capitalists, FDI proliferation, nuclear terror attempts, cricketism gimmicks have become convenient state techniques to keep the common people and poor under constant check.

State crimes and state corruption in India are complementary to one another, each promoting and other.

Yet, however, Indian terrocracy effectively controlled by ruling Congress party proudly calls itself a democracy!

With a hopelessly inefficient opposition trying to play joint political exercises with the ruling dispensation, obviously on securing their own extra profits, the people of India, especially the long queue voters have very little hope about their future. People are deeply distressed about the fate they suffer collectively and worried if they can at all survive the economic onslaught of the regime.

The corporatist media do not make the rulers and opposition to look after the interests of people- not the multinationals and rich that fund the polls and politics in this corrupt terrocracy where the attention of the people are perpetually diverted to some non-issues like bogus cricketism. The India regime and the media lords jointly harp on issues like Pakistan, “Kashmiri terrorism”.

And, on top of these political gimmicks and other nonsense, the regime keeps raising prices of commodities so that people have no chance of seeking redressal of their economic hardships.

Indian multinationals and their foreign collaborators are keen to somehow impose their FDI agenda on people of India and force the minority UPA regime to quickly get the passage of the agenda and the Congress party facing uphill task to somehow stay in power till 2014 when the polls are due is steadfast in implementing the IMF agenda as joint parliamentary service to transnationals and obviously earning big money for the poll as if the Congress party has any dearth of funds.

TWO - FDI Money Bags

Escorted by the regime, the multinationals want to enter the Indian markets with deliberate low price tags as a business strategy but once they stabilize, the prices of all commodities would go up further, negatively influencing the Indian brand MNCs. Then there would joint looting by foreign and Indian capitalists. Common men suffer.

It is apparent that in recent times there have been a lot of FDI lobbyists, both foreign and Indians, regularly meeting the MPS and other important  people pushing for the FDI and obviously huge sum of ready cash of all types are changing dirty hands and hence the UPA regime is hurrying to implement the  FDI without debates.  There is a strong prima facie against the disastrous FDI decision, as the data of the world over, where these have set up their marts show that after few years, 

People are only keen to know how the Government proposes to protect Indian farmers interests and why they have not been consulted so far, which raises suspicion on the very motives. He also asked how the farmers will be protected if these deep pocket MNCs start 70% of their procurement from other countries. Many expressed anguish against the Government for taking crucial farmers decisions in consultation with MNCs and not with farmers. He asked to know, in which country farmers have been able to gain by these Marts by Wal Mart, TESCO and Carrefour etc..? The monopolistic situation they are capable of creating due to their deep pockets, put farmers at disadvantage, as is the example of TESCO in UK.

Evidently, all MNCs are known to do huge hoarding of stocks and release slowly, which will deny the farmers any benefits of the market.

Farmers are exploited by the MNCs all over the world, through monopolization of procurement and logistics system of farming produce.  When farmer leaders met in New Delhi, Dr. MJ Khan cited the data of International Farms Comparison Network (ICFN), which proves how within 14 years in US and in UK, the share of farmers in the consumer spent for farm produce reduced. no farmers organization was consulted on such an important issue and the UPA Government is saying that it will benefit farmers. He asked, how the nuclear deal, SEZ land grab project and similar other hastily rushed in decisions have benefited the farmers. He sought to know that Wal Mart is showing 54 crores spent on lobbying in India , then on whom this money spent, and lobbying being an illegal activity, how the same has been permitted.

The Indian regime claims and says it knows everything and directs that people must just quietly obey its orders about all projects, including nuclear terrorism in as Kudankulam in Tamil state. If farmers are not consulted and clarified their genuine doubts, then farmers will come on streets under Join Action Plan of all Farmers Bodies, after the National meet under FIFO on 10 October 2012.

THREE – Joint Political Exercises (JPE)

The joint political strategy among political parties, like batboys-bowlers field mischief, is dangerous for the nation in the long run because even polls do not make any change in their lives almost on a permanent basis.

Corruption scams in India have made the ruling UPA regime led by Congress party increasingly restless and the party has been mulling about undertaking some game change scheme to divert the bereaved nation’s attention as quickly as possible. The parliamentary poll seems to be around the corner.

India regime is very efficient in hiding the truth and diverting world attention. Indians are too good at celebrating anything and everything with extremely fanatic pomp and shows. The ruling Congress party regime celebrated the return of Sonia Gandhi upon medical check-up (Is AIIMS in New Delhi useless?) in USA by slapping higher prices for essentials on the already badly crushed Indians.

One cannot be blamed if he or she thinks the dictatorial US hand is in quick India price rise.

Incredible India!

As result, last week witnessed some intense wrangling between economic and politics in the corridors of power in Delhi. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at what exactly went down when the government decided to finally unleash a slew of IMF related reforms, targeting the lives of  ordinary  who bear the trickling effects of all pro-capitalist reforms.  

As Madam Sonia Gandhi has returned from USA after her 'routine' medical check-up, Raisina Hill was getting ready also for a major Cabinet reshuffle. Sycophant Congressmen  have much to cheer since AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi is expected to take the plunge and finally become a minister to boost the regime’s downfall image. Along with Rahul a team of his close associates were to be inducted into the grim looking cabinet. Many names are linked with the Gandhi scion's induction into the Union Cabinet and those who lose lucrative ministerial jobs would work for the party. .They are expected to take on organisational responsibilities at 24, Akbar Road -- for those of you who are not passionate about politics, that's where the Congress has its headquarters so that a poll win could be assured. .

But Rahul has not yet decided to take the plunge into cabinet job. Possibly, he would prefer to be the next PM after the poll if people offer the party a free for all mandate once again.

Meanwhile gossip mills in New Delhi try to confirm that it was Rahul Gandhi who is behind the price rise drama, though they d not corroborate that clam with factsd or news. They say: “Guess who backed Dr Manmohan Singh to the hilt on pushing economic reforms? Hold your breath! It was none other than Rahul Gandhi” Also, “Those in the know within the Congress say it was Union Minister for Commerce and Industry Anand Sharma, followed by Union Minister for Rural Development Jairam Ramesh, who wrought this miracle”. Both are said to be strong votaries of the reform process and worked hard on Rahul, sharing data and making presentations at 12, Tuqlaq Crescent. Once Rahul was convinced, he set about convincing 10, Janpath. No wonder then, Anand and Jairam are sporting huge grins and gushing over Rahul's persuasive backroom skills.

The gossip now is that Rahul Gandhi won't become a Cabinet minister Rahul apparently convinced his mother Sonia that the prime minister needed a free hand in this matter. Once Sonia was convinced, Manmohan at 7 Race Course Road went on the offensive!

And all this is in the interest of nation/ people and we have to trust them ....
Rahul's "persuasive backroom skills" will bear results in the next elections much similar to what happened Congress in Bihar and more recently in UP - a complete collapse!
Jairam Ramesh who is a communist by ideas can support and convince Rahul for reform. As an EFM, he stooped many mines and factories.

The 2nd most important factor is in USA etc the Leader gets ideas and is a visionary here in India Leader is to be convinced what a pathetic situation and how the Country will progress with Leaders without vision, imagination and ideas? We need drastic change in politics and Presidential system is one good solution.
In India the ruling party and the regime are one and the same. But Congress party that rules the nation has officially praised the price hike and FDI strategies Manmohan regime. Hope no more taxes or price increase being imposed ,Yes pl reduce the subsidy ,why did not take decision on Sugar in PDS and when subsidies being reduced they can reduce the taxes like Excise duty and service tax by 2% ,this will send positive signal in the market.  Rationing results in flaws and state sponsored black marketing.

Though corruption in India started with it, Congress party is still hesitant to declare its total assets for the public knowledge.


Politicians in India and their parties are dead focussed on extra cash to be gained illegally and all their actions are meant to promote only that objective. Hence the state shields crimes by their loyalists, the national loot of resources by the pro-regime rouges is rampant.   Judiciary is disallowed to intervene and clean up the corruption mess.

Indian people’s resources are being jointly looted by Indian and foreign corporatists with full state protection. There is hardly any party that fights the foundations of Indian state corruption like secret terror arms and deals of the regime without approval of voters.  This is considered by the rich Congress led political parties as a god’s blessing to pursue the “fixed” corrupt prices by secret policies. Opposition plays fowl game deliberately only to promote the corrupt regime and capitalist fund givers. Common people silently suffer and bear the brunt of regime misrule!

Strangely enough, the opposition, duty-bound to operate as the watchdog against regime wrongs and  its misbehaviour against people, shields the ruling dispensation like the cricket teams protect a select batboys of fanatic India.

The funniest manifestation of theatre of absurd is the support the communists offer, obviously in exchange huge favours from the state. Searching for more profits for the parties, they also lost their way as people have rejected their pro-corruption mindset and purely showy concerns of the people. While people continue to suffer under an arrogant regime, the communists having no real hope for future, look the other side, trying to enjoy their term as far as possible.

For quite some time now, Indian regime is dead bent upon imposing FDI and price rises. Only the West Bengal based TMC of Mamata Banerjee has come out strongly against all anti-people policies of the Congress regime. Mamata is protesting against continuous price rises and fare hikes, FDI imposition, etc at Jantar Mandar in New Delhi, the venue vacated by the Anna Hazare‘s anti-corruption movement. As the only hope for the people, Mamata has taken over the the responsibility of protecting common people as the communists and others just ignore them.

Question obviously is not who is behind FDI-hike drama, Rahul, Sonia, Manmohan or USA, but the entire political class, including the communist groups itself is behind this. In India the ruling party and the regime are one and the same. But Congress party that rules the nation has officially praised the price hike and FDI strategies Manmohan regime. Hope no more taxes or price increase being imposed ,Yes pl reduce the subsidy ,why did not take decision on Sugar in PDS and when subsidies being reduced they can reduce the taxes like Excise duty and service tax by 2% ,this will send positive signal in the market.  Rationing results in flaws and state sponsored black marketing.

Govt sells to its favourites the Public Assets - Public Sector companies, mines and minerals, roads, and airports, everything that has been made by the people of India for years since 1947.  Politicians and their relatives loot nation’s resources. People pay higher price for food, fuel, electricity etc and pay for using road, Airports, Parking; although we are paying our taxes - Income Tax, Service Tax, Excise and Sales Tax. By removing subsidies corrupt politicians will have more money to play with.  Subsidies go to the people directly 100 percentage rather than any govt schemes, where the money goes only a few percentage.

Assured by the small parties, including the communists, of parliamentary support, the ruling UPA government just plays anti-people politics, harming the  poor as much as it can.

MNCs do not exist for the poor or for the farmers and their actions are guided by profit motives.  Farmer leaders wanted to know the reason for haste and mid night decision as well as the reason for consulting with only MNCs and not debating with either farmers or with political parties?

Unexpected exit of Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement has become a boon o to the corrupt regime and its propellers.  Not only the Congressmen and women but also big sigh of relief at the disappearance of the movement after troubling the regime and the politicians too much.. largely all  politicians who  are engaged  in loots and even swear by “mother India” have felt a huge sigh of relief.   They are totally free now to “serve the nation” by loots.

One gets the impression that India is heading towards a terrific crash as the common people continue to suffer. It is not the regime should not promote the rich, but it should also take special care of the others as well.   One poet wrote on the eve of Indian independence that if ordinary people have no sustenance, what is point in claiming big economic growth rates. Let this world be destroyed.

One does not know if the Indian leaders without any consideration for the plight of common people- let alone without any vision. Without state protection and promotion, the poor would be eliminated. Perhaps that is exactly the regime promoting and pampering the economically stronger sections, like it pampers select cricketers,   aims at.

It seems the insensitive Indian regime and political elites are giving a new twist to what scientist Darwin had said long ago about the survival of the fittest.

Maybe, Indian leaders think the rich alone are the fittest and the common masses, poor and under privileged are unfit to live!

So kill them with weapons of price hikes, nuclearism by engaging them in cricketism shows?


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