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Obama, NATO pushes criminal foreign policy onto Pakistan

According to International law experts the state-sanctioned extrajudicial killings are lawless. However, it appears, the USA and UK leaders are exempted form punishments for their crimes.

Sept-11 hoax was engineered in USA and elsewhere with ulterior terror cum economic motives to promote US imperialism and western capitalism. By following the fascist footsteps of Israel, USA has been trying all possible terror methods to kill Muslims particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The biggest global hoax known as the Sept-11 and terror threats are very cleverly used by the CIA as the perfect  technique to prolong the WW-III in Islamic world. Obama is also a serial liar. Nothing he says is credible. Last winter he claimed drones haven't "caused a huge number of civilian casualties. They're targeted, focused at people who are on a list of active terrorists trying to go in and harm Americans." BIJ research showed otherwise. Hundreds of civilians are killed, including dozens of children. On the ground investigative work proved it. Eyewitnesses provided damning testimonies.  Targeted areas are struck multiple times in quick succession. The practice is called "double tap." People in targeted areas are on their own to help. What they find is horrifying. Strikes "incinerate" victims. They're left in unidentifiable pieces. Traditional burials are impossible.

The extra secretive CIA keeps sending  faxes to a general at Pakistan’s intelligence service outlining broad areas in Pakistan  where the US intends to conduct strikes with drone aircraft. The Pakistanis, who in public oppose the programme, don’t respond, don’t object either.

The Americans claim they believe they have Pak consent, however tacit, primarily because the Pakistani military continues to clear airspace for drones and doesn’t interfere physically with the unpiloted aircraft in flight the US government concludes it has tacit consent to conduct strikes within the borders of a sovereign nation. Later, CIA even stopped disclosing its decisions to Pakistan regime. Americans say a puppet regime  need not know about what exactly its western masters want to execute inside Pakistan.  Maybe, they have a valid point.

That has harmed Pakistan sovereignty to a large extent. Pakistan also has considered challenging the legality of the program at the United Nations where it has UNSC security membership, but the idea was shelved. A weakened  Zardari regime seeks US protection for it.

Possibly Pakistanis could not first gauge the implications of supporting NATO terrorism in South Asia by letting thier soil  to be used for attacking Afghanistan. Dictatoiral Ameircans wnt step by step in destabilizing Pakistan.  In the early days of the Afghan war, lists of specific individuals to be targeted on Pakistani soil by US drones were approved by both the US and Pakistan, in what was called a “dual-key” system. Starting about four years ago, the US began increasingly to go it alone.

Recently, Stanford University's International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic (SU) and New York University School of Law's Global Justice Clinic (NYU) have jointly prepared a report on US drone policy under the title of "Living Under Drones." They included two investigations in Pakistan. Over 130 interviews were conducted with victims, witnesses, and experts. Thousands of pages of documentation and media reports were reviewed. This report "presents evidence of the damaging and counterproductive effects of" America's drone-strike policy.

The SU/NYU team  examines key aspects of the CIA's drone policy. It exposes facts political Washington and media scoundrels suppress.  The report explains the US drone strikes on rescuers, funerals, and other civilian targets; examines surveillance, the effects of drones overhead, and how their use creates fear and distrust; it also considers the economic and impoverishment hardships families and communities sustain. The dominant narrative claims drone strikes are precise and effective. They involve "targeted killings. As a result, America is much “safer”. But drone strikes are also indiscriminate. Mostly non-combatant civilians are killed. One does not know if the project was proposed by the CIA to promote US imperialist war.

US drone strike policy causes considerable and under-accounted-for harm to the daily lives of ordinary civilians, beyond death and physical injury. Drones hover twenty-four hours a day over communities in northwest Pakistan, striking homes, vehicles, and public spaces without warning.Their presence terrorizes men, women, and children, giving rise to anxiety and psychological trauma among civilian communities.Those living under drones have to face the constant worry that a deadly strike may be fired at any moment, and the knowledge that they are powerless to protect themselves. These fears have affected behavior.

Stanford's James Cavallaro, one of the report's authors, said "real people are suffering real harm," but they're largely ignored by US officials and in media accounts.

Rule of law principles are fundamental. Violating them encourages others to replicate US practices. US lives become vulnerable. That alone is reason enough to rethink policy. Most important is state-sanctioned murder. Nothing justifies what's clearly illegal.

Official US statements about drone killing keeping America safer are false. Drone terror attacks leave the human bodies in bits. "People were trying to find the body parts. We find the body parts of some people, but sometimes we do not find anything." It's incinerated and gone. Rescuers, community and family members, and humanitarian workers are vulnerable. Parents keep children at home. With good reason, they're traumatized. Fear grips everyone. Families who lost loved ones or their homes now struggle to survive.

In 2004 or earlier, Bush began drone attacks. Obama continues them relentlessly. Predator drones reign death on civilians regularly. CIA operatives conduct them. Battlefield casualty figures are suppressed. The Obama regime, which came with a mandate to chnage the Bushdom  war scenario, intensified the illegal war in Afghanistan and Pakistan,  employed drone terror attacks on Pakistan, its civilians, its military. Currently about one-third of US warplanes are drones. One day perhaps they'll all be unmanned.

A pprominent serial bluff master taking instrufcitons form the CIA, Obama shields the drone terror program from democratic accountability, compounded by the obstacles to independent investigation of strikes in North Waziristan. US Congress never debated or approved them. In the Af/Pak zone, America has about 7,000 drones operating. Another 12,000 stand ready on the the ground. They're rapidly replacing manned aircraft. US aerospace companies have no ongoing research to develop new ones. Privately some Pentagon commanders express unease about Obama's drone policy. They're extrajudicial. CIA enforces extreme secrecy. It won't admit their operations exist.

Legal experts say drone killings outside war theaters set a dangerous precedent. Other countries may follow America's lead.

Even as the American fascist regime officials claim covert attacks anywhere in the world are legal, the Pentagon and CIA gangs continue ot conduct covert and overt attacks in South Asia. . International, constitutional, and US statute laws say otherwise.  Legal experts globally condemn  Washington's terror tactics, including drone terrorism.

Obviously, Pakistan is playing both sides. Many Pakistgnis think they cannot exist without dollars. A lack of a Pakistani response to US notifications might be a way for Pakistan to meet seemingly contradictory goals—letting the CIA continue using its airspace but also distancing the government of Pakistan from the program, which is deeply unpopular among Pakistanis. Imran Khan rightly accused the Zarfdari reigme of bieng hypocritic.

A significant rethinking is long overdue, but White House and Islambad suffer from dearth of thinkers.  Policy makers can't ignore civilian harm and counterproductive impacts much longer.

Whole world is under US control. Like global intelligences, militarizes, polices, media, and other domains,  international judiciaries are also controlled by Americans.

The presidential poll show presented by both Republicans and Demcorats cannot make Ameircans feel safe. Because they cheat their own people by feeding them  bogus terror  thoughts and jontly looting the nations resources.

The question here however is who will punish the roguish, criminal American leaders, including Bush Jr and Obama  and the anti-Islamic media nuts for their crimes against humanity for years now especially since the Sept-11 hoax!


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