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Oral sex: Organized religion vesus societal attitudes

There have been many controversies on the probity of oral sex. Some societies perceive oral sex as a sin while some people take it as a spice to make their sex life juicier. Christianity especially has been against oral sex but we see even the bible supporting oral sex as part of sexual relationship between a husband and wife. A verse from the Song of Solomon says, “Just like an apple tree in a forest of trees, so is my beloved amongst young men. I sat down and took great delight in his shade and sweet to my taste was his fruit.”“O north wind awake and wind of the south come; let fragrance be breathed out in my garden and its spices wafted abroad. May my beloved eat its fruit of choice from his garden.”


From the poetic language spoken in the Songs of Solomon we can see the bride and the groom giving each other oral sex. We also learn that the Hebrew newlyweds were given the Songs of Solomon as a sex guide. From the poetic verse, it can be seen that the Shula mite woman does not shy off in showing the passion she has for her man.


If the idea you had of oral sex while you were growing up was a negative one, then it might be difficult for you to please your partner and enjoy it as well. Well, if you are ready to change your mind now as an adult and use it to spice up your marriage few tips can help:


First, you have to change your mind set. You have to stop seeing it as a sin or dirty. Stop the guilt, shame and disrespect and start seeing oral sex as part of your sexual relationship in your marriage. The second thing you need to know is that doesn’t pressure yourself, start step by step. You can begin by doing just something small like kissing the head of the penis or licking the shaft. Sometimes you may be required to prepare yourself mentally or make a point of doing it immediately the thought crosses your mind without too much thinking. Start small and add more as you continue getting comfortable. Always find a comfortable position while you do it; your partner lying on the bed will be good to begin with. Fourth tip that can help you make progress is doing it more often. Do it when both of you are fresh from taking a bath. You can use candy in your mouth, chocolate or flavoured lube for an extra nice sensation; only remember to lick off the chocolate when you are having intercourse to avoid getting UTIs from the sugar present. Finally, you have to know there are no rules or boundaries about this. It’s good to do what you are comfortable with but this is a good way to spice up intimacy in the bedroom relationship.


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