Gatineau: Racist Police Strike Again

Are you seeking to find cops who have no problems stopping black people for no good reason?

This includes stopping black people who according to Gatineau Police "walk funny".

Yes, you heard me right.  A couple of racist Gatineau cops stopped me just for that reason in downtown Gatineau last week.

Well, if you're in the market for hiring some racist cops, please allow me to make some personal recommendations to you.

Officer Marie-Pier Desjardins, Badge Number 1643 and her male side-kick.

Just yesterday, these two apparent low-life cops contrived that I didn't cross in the right part of some desolate street in a residential area while I was going to visit my girlfriend in the area.

According to them, they stopped me to "protect my safety".

But, we know the real reason for the two apparent low-lifes stopping me.  Aapparently, Gatineau has an offence called "Walking While Black".

The result of these pair of apparent racist cops "protecting me" was a $48 ticket.

Quebec is well known for corruption.  Perhaps the Gatineau Police were also falling short of their revenue from tickets on "local Negroes" "walking funny"?

If you ever have the misfortune of getting stopped by the Gatineau or other police in Quebec, picture a thug or "troublemaker" that you knew in high school with some ceedy character from the part of the city that you like to avoid that now carries a badge and that's what a typical Quebec cop looks like.  And they are about as corrupt as the most notrorious police jurisdictions in the United States in such areas as Chicago and New Orleans.

A couple of years ago while I was in Montreal there was a bunch of young tourist who were quite alarned at all the police walking around in army camofluage pants for no apparent reason on a pleasant sunny day.  In one photo above, you can see what I'm taking about regarding Montreal's police thugs strutting around trying to intimidate local residents and tourists alike with their army garb.

So, my advice to all you black people in other part of Canada and elsewhere to bring a witness with you if you ever travel in Quebec and seek to avoid the racists who permeate Gatineau and other Quebec police departments who seek to hand-out bogus tickets.


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