Osgoode Hall Professional LLM Programs Harbour Institutionalized Racism

Many people might consider Osgoode Hall to be Canada's top law school.

I used to all think that way, until I had applied there.

Never have a seen such a racist place anywhere in Canada that so lacked accountability.

I mean, it seems they don't mind if you're black and from Africa or some other race from abroad so they can charge you way more than the locals.

That way they can also take your photo and make it look like they are so "multicultural".

What Osgoode Hall Law LLM Faculty and its administrators are is an apparent den of racists.

Let me tell you my experience.

So, one day I'm debating LLM programs and I see that Osgoode Hall is offering such a program in Constitutional Law.

Having taught, and written books in this area, I had thought my chance of getting into the programme was very high.

In my application, I even included one book where I had been quoted by one of Canada's top scholars in Canadian federalism and constitutional law.

But after waiting weeks and months for Osgoode Hall to review my application they reject it because they thought my application demonstrated that I was "too research focused".

Now, have you ever heard of such an outrageous reason to reject an graduate studies application?

It turns out that having seen my black face with my CV, the Office of Meghan Thomas, the Director of Professional Graduate and International Programs and the Osgoode Law School Faculty didn't want any more black faces into their program that wouldn't pay them as much as getting a "Negro" or "Asian" abroad who they could exploit.

And Meghan who presides over all this apparent corruption was quite vocal in stating that "their decisions cannot be reviewed".

In other words, they can be as racist as they want.  I tried to get the School of Graduate Studies and even the Office of the President at York to review the matter in addition to the University's so called "equity and human rights" officials, but all were complicit in apparent corruption and institutionalized racism.

Besides, the advantage of getting a "Negro" from Africa is that they will "hopefully go back home" and not cause potential "trouble" by helping defend "Negroes" here in Canada from a racist and oppressive system sponsored by Osgoode Hall and the exploitative lawyers it graduated who charge more than most Canadians can afford.

So there you have it.  If you're black and Canadian think twice about wasting your $100 application fee in applying to their graduate studies programs.

You can expect that if you're more than qualified to be accepted, you will be rejected as being "overqualified".


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