Fred Carby: How An Evil Middle Class Jamaican Turned His Back on Tortured Sister

The Christmas Season is about bringing families together.

And, since it's just before Christmas, let me share you a story that makes me ashamed to be Jamaican.  It is a story of how Fred Carby, an affluent and now retired Jamaican dentist who resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario, teaches us about evil and true hypocrisy. 

As a result of Mr Carby's apparent evil ways and hypocrisy, Dezrin Carby-Samuels, his sister, had been left to suffer in silence since, now get this, 20 April 2015, when Dezrin's son was illegally evicted by her abusive husband.  The eviction was made totally against the will of Dezrin and left her to suffer in a "House of Hell".

In just a matter of weeks, Dezrin lost the ability to walk, write and talk. 

In the accompanying photo, we see what Dezrin looked like just after a few weeks of being abuse by her over 6' and nearly 200 lb husband back in 2015.

Since 12 June 2015, Dezrin has been blocked from getting the care that she needs that had been provided by her son.  Fred turned his back on his own sister who wanted to see her son to help her toward recovery,  Now, Fred could take apparent delight in his sister's destruction and he had no interest in any assistance his nephew could provide to help his ailing sister.

Arguably, a responsible brother would have intervened against the abusive husband in a manner to ensure that Raymond, his nephew, would be empowered to continue prevent Dezrin from being subjected to abuse.  But it soon became apparent that Fred Carby in a most bizarre way saw the turn of events in which his sister was getting abused as finally him getting the "upper hand" with God.

According to so-called middle class Jamaican values, if something bad happens to you, it's not for anyone to intervene because that would be somehow acting "against God". 

Why you think there's so much poverty in Jamaica"?  It's because of "middle class" Jamaican values believing that people who are poor or even suffer wife abuse is simply "God's will" -- apparently for Fred Carby, even if that wife abuse is happening against your own sister!

But religion is only the beginning of Fred Carby's own apparent irresponsible behaviour which resulted in Dezrin loosing the ability to walk, write and talk.  And what is even more shocking about Mr Carby's complicity is that his had mother when she was alive, she had told him to make sure that in any case of crisis that he would be there to help his sister.  However, when Dezrin needed Fred the most, Fred's "Red Eye" tendencies came out more than ever.

You might wonder what a "Red Eye" person is? 

In Jamaican vernacular, that's a person who sees your success; becomes jealous of it; wants that success to become your own; and then seeks to take delight in any misfortune that the "successful person" might eventually run into.

For Fred Carby, his "Red Eye" tendencies began when he was very young.  You see, his father had lived in Portland, Jamaica and wanted Fred, his only son, to stay by his side there to help work the fields.  He had let Dezrin, with his other daughters, to live what could be regarded as a more comfortable and urban lifestyle in Kingston, Jamaica.

Rather than wishing success for his sister, for Fred, him having to live in Portland, Jamaica, became an apparent longstanding source of resentment, even though that wasn't Dezrin's choice.  This enraged him.  He began to regard Dezrin as the "spoiled little princess" even though Dezrin very much loved her brother and looked forward to always seeing him.

When Fred moved to Canada in the late 1950's, his jealously grew when he saw Dezrin and her new husband driving a "nice car". He kept bugging Dezrin's husband to sell it to him not because he wanted it for himself, but because he just couldn't stand seeing his sister and her husband in his vehicle. When Dezrin's husband did sell the car that he loved to drive so much to Fred, Dezrin's husband was shocked to find out that Fred immediately sold it after purchase.

Like I said, he didn't want the car for himself, he just wanted the car out of his sight because of "Red Eye" jealously.

Years after, Dezrin with her husband moved to the States.  Upon their return, they got a nice house in Thornhill, followed by another nice home in southern end of Richmond Hill, Ontario not far from the current Express Highway 407 Toll Road.

When Fred saw the home Dezrin lived in after one visit he became apparently furious because he could not afford to buy such a home after being subjected to a financially demanding wife which led to divorce.  For more than 10 years, Fred refused to visit his sister, even though both of them lived in Toronto.  This made Dezrin very upset who loved her brother. 

When Fred learned that Dezrin and her husband were going to sell their home, Dezrin who has been a sister who loved her brother despite his "Red Eye" tendencies, consented to sell their home to Fred for a substantively discounted price.

So, when Raymond shared news of his sister being abused by her husband it is shocking but predictable that Fred Carby didn't do the things necessary to spare his sister from a "Living Hell".  He just allowed the abuse to continue, and turned his back against Raymond, his own nephew who sought to protect Dezrin from spousal abuse.

It is apparent that Fred Carby is an evil man who replaced a love for his sister other brothers would have with a profound jealously masked in a pathetic hypocrisy over the years.

Words cannot fully describe Mr. Carby's utter complicity of a supposedly "God-fearing" "Christian man" who turned his back against his own sister and nephew.

This story provides critical insight on why Jamaica suffers from so much poverty and social injustices.  If Jamaica embraced "middle class values" which sought to support one another in a spirit of love and empathy, rather than the evil and "Red Eye" tendencies of Fred Carby which is so profound that it can be inflicted against one's own sister, Jamaica would be a much more gentle place supportive of the quality-of-living of all Jamaicans.


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