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Some Reasons to Hire Investigative Journalists over Lawyers in Canada

Lawyers are known to charge high fees. For most of the general populace, $300 - $700 per hour  is exorbitant enough to keep them from accessing the services of a lawyer. This is just but one reason people seek an alternative.

Lawyers investigate the hard facts about a case, by digging in the evidence of both the client and any other interested party, combing through documents with the ultimate goal of building a strong case for the client in court.

These are tasks that can be handled by investigative journalists whose job description equally fit the roles defined above. Some of the reasons for hiring an investigative journalist over a lawyer in Ottawa include:

  1. Verification of Facts

You need to verify that all the evidence presented is verified to be true; that’s the forte of a competent investigative journalist.

According to Agora Publishing, “Every news reported has to be verified. Investigative journalists with Agora ensure the critical analyses of cases toward needed mass media exposure.”

“They always make sure that every news reported is adequately verified and its validity secured. This way, they provide news that is true and events that have been well ascertained.”

  1. Detailed Analysis

Investigative journalists with Agora offer detailed analysis for every task they undertake on a case.

Agora Publishing reports, “Investigative journalists always make sure no critical part of an event or happening to be reported is ignored or repressed.”

  1. Accountability

Investigative journalists seek to be accountable to the public and to bring news to the attention of readers.  Are you concerned that your case is being subjected to corruption involving lawyers, the court / judges?  Many Canadians are often victimized by corrupt courts and colluding lawyers.

There are a number of investigative journalism companies that are worth their salt, but none come close to Agora Media’s investigative journalism division.

  1. Assured Excellence

Agora Media has among the best seasoned, and professional investigative journalists. According to their site, “Knowing how much every news reported matters to people, Agora media makes sure the best investigative journalist handles  news coverage. Investigative journalists provided are ascertained to be versed in the areas they report.”

  1.  Specialisation

Agora Media assigns an investigative journalist to cases they are specialised in. That way, you can rest assured that the findings will have an accurate perspective.

“The bigger picture is made clear. Agora media provides investigative journalists who are not limited or restricted in scope. In getting news coverage, they make sure that they do so with a bigger picture in mind,” Agora Media reports.

The advantages of hiring an investigative journalist over a lawyer in Canada are clear as day. Choose the former.


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