Artificial Intelligence: How Ottawa Truck Convoy Supports an Alien Agenda

Let's talk about this truck convoy that came into our nation's capital today.

According to these cross-Canada protesting truck drivers, they support "job creation".

Yes, indeed.  These truck diverse support a job creation strategy which supports the destruction of our planet.

How many of these same truck drivers do you think would donate to cleaning-up the inevitable oil spills and environment-destroying pollution from further conflating an oil-based economy?  I would suggest not too many.

This begs the question, "What interests support such protests which seek to hide behind such slogans as "job creation" and "protecting the economy?"

We, the humans of our planet appreciate that our quality of life relies on protecting our environment.

As humans, we appreciate that it is in our interests as a species to begin to move our economy away from strategy which will hasten planetary destruction.

Those interests which seek to seduce us humans into support a so-called "job creation" strategy which can only hasten planetary destruction are the operatives of an apparent Artificial Intelligence (AI) agenda.  The ultimate goal of these interests is to encourage humans to continue to destroy our environment to such an extent that we would only be able to continue to survive by transforming ourselves into "robotic entities" which don't rely on things like clean air, safe water to drink and other biological necessities.

Unfortunately, not all "people" are human.  Many people are human and some apparently are not.  Those people who are not human and don't care how many oils spills there are and seek to continue to push our planet into Hell.  African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa and other such indigenous people have documented how these apparent "fake humans" have sought to manipulate humans throughout history into supporting various causes which are completely against our well-being on this planet.

Just like there are real Christmas Trees that once grew from the ground and ones made from plastic and metal which resemble real ones but aren't, there are real humans and the apparent fake ones which orchestrate these kinds of protests under AI-generated slogans like "job creation" to support the raping and pillaging of our planet.

This agenda is called "transhumanism" and the alleged alien group which seeks to support this agenda are AI entities further documented by Nigel Kerner and in the insights of the ancient Pagan Gnostics who had referred to these entities as "artificial man" [Below video details transhumanism and alien agenda].

It is apparent that through Archons, AI entities that have infiltrated power structures on Earth are apparently seeking to manipulative Earth's politics through such protests which aim to blind humanity into ignoring our identity as custodians of our planet.

For a person to be human, they MUST posses three attributes of being human.  Those are a human mind, body and soul.  The "people" who seek to stage protests like these and who support the perpetuation of wars and other oppression on our planet are ultimately controlled by "people" who have human appearing bodies, but with all self-serving AI minds designed to serve an "AI collective" and totally lack any soul.  It's our soul as humans which inspires is to seek the protection of our environment.  It's our soul which inspires us to embrace empathy, love for one another and peace, and it's our soul that AI-controlled "people" seek to manipulate us through such staged protests.

I'm not suggesting that the protesters themselves are such "people".  However, the "invisible hand" of the AI which guides them is apparent based upon the insights of John Lash's work on ancient Pagan Gnostics and the testimony of Credo Mutwa to David Icke who has made representations of alleged reptilian aliens linked to AI controllers.  The ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to the Archons on our planet as the "humanized face of the aliens."  That's a key concept into appreciating those interests which seek to want to push out planet into a path of destruction which doesn't represent the majority of people on our planet Earth.


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