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The Anti-Human Society; Five Ways To Eliminate Social Injustice

Social injustice, in form of nepotism, genocide, favoritism and homophobia is a major problem aorund the world. Inequality and discrimination in society has created an "Anti-Human Society". It's quite a great tragedy that the rate of social injustice is continuously increasing, generation after generation. Young women and girls are forever being objectified, police brutality and the unfair justice system  towards the black community is prominent, even homophobia to the point of hate crimes are deeply rooted around the globe.

These issues centered around social injustice are a consequence of our historical background of colonization and war. The question now remains, what can we in today's society do to eliminate social injustice? Here are five ways every one of us, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender and age can move forward to ending social injustice.

1. Acceptance

Our safety net of comfort is relative to our personal experiences. There is a high probability that what seems normal to one individual is not a set standard for another. A difference in the color of skin doesn't depict inferiority, it's just a different shade. Transsexuals and the LGBTQ community are just as much as humans as the heterosexual community. The women, ladies and girls are not inferior, masculinity is not superior. We are one. Our diversity is a beauty not a threat. Acceptance is a major tool and must be prominent in our society as it is important for bringing the world together.

2. Say No To Segregation and Discrimination!

The problem with social injustice does not lie solely in the hands of the instigators. The bigger threat are the nonchalant individuals who see hate crimes and turn a blind eye. Segregation would not be possible if the supposedly "superior" side refuse to receive the offer of favoritism, instead demand equality. Most important to destroy a deep-rooted Anti-Human society is taking a stand, saying NO to segregation and discrimination. One person after the other, taking a step for one another will no doubt foster unity and begin the era of true freedom for everyone.

3. Teaching Children Right.

Currently, it has become a norm to educate a black young children on the realities of police brutality and young girls are necessarily lectured vehemently on ways to avoid sexual predators and perverts. These are the potential victims being educated from a young age to avoid being victimized. It should  be necessary for every young child to learn about the implications of hate crimes, racism, homophobia and other forms of social injustice. The elimination process will never be progressive if young minds are not cultivated towards acceptance.

4. Spread The Word of Peace

Generally, anarchy is easier to transmit around a society than peace. Maintaining a peaceful stance despite the backlash from instigators of Injustice and discrimination serves as an inspiration for more individuals to see and emulate. Nowadays, celebrities have begun setting a standard by supporting several human rights movements in a manner of spreading peace and cultivate a world of where people are accepted and loved regardless of diversity.

5. Contributing Towards Human Rights Movement

Several humanitarians and philanthropists are continuously working and donating  towards making the world a better place. There are non-governmental organizations set up for several movements to promote social development and world's peace. Contributing towards this movement either by donating money or rendering services is one more step towards eliminating social injustice.

The journey towards cultivating world-wide development and fostering an atmosphere of peace starts with unconditional respect for every individual's right to life regardless of status and who they might be.


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