The Depth of Forced Silence: Dangers of Restricting Freedom of Speech

Research has proven that up to eighty percent of abuse, every year goes unreported. Silence is eating deep through the root of the world. Reporting and free speech have become snitching, in the black community. Speaking up for human rights interprets to disrespect against a higher authority.

Professionals curb and suppress freedom through the infamous phrase, "company policies". In the workplace, in families, as individuals in society, we all are victims of speaking our minds and how we truly feel. The innocent go punished for crimes due to the inability of witnesses to speak out. Forced silence kills children, reduces mothers to punching bags and turn innocent men into criminals.

Forced silence is the chain holding our freedom locked up.

The following are explicit dangers of restricting freedom of speech.

Child Enslavement

Childhood is one point where expression should not be suppressed. Children are sensitive to their environments and grow up as a consequence of their training background. If at the point of infancy, children are forced to stay silent on their feelings and personal experiences, these young minds become slaves to bad experiences. Abuse in these situations is inevitable and has a high percentage of going unreported. The minds of children subjected to their predator will turn into the psychological condition, Stockholm syndrome.


Discrimination against another race of different color begins when one feels the superiority of his opinions is important than others. Freedom speech given in preference to another because of his or her race and heritage is unfair, unbiased and gives rise to racism. If there is freedom of speech given to all, one voice will not overshadow another and a balance of truth will be given to all.

• Political Supremacy

Politics is a game of truth and standards that to kept. If the voice of the people is silenced, they become puppets to the master who pulls a string from a high political sit. Freedom of speech enables the public to speak on the unfairness of policies and corruption within the government. When the funds are being mismanaged and our taxes are used for the benefits of others in power, our voice is the strength to live another day. Political supremacy is a danger if freedom of speech is suppressed. If the public cannot speak up against ills and brutality against them, then life itself has become a tragedy and living is no longer free.

• War

In suppression and oppression, there will always be a rise of rebellion. If rebellion is met with force, war is instigated. War is not necessarily a physical exchange in death by combat, war also builds up in families turning minds against minds. The war which raves in our society claims the lives of women to die in silence while receiving the punches at home. The war which rages in our school turns students into bullies and victims to suicide. The right to speak should be given to all. Everyone has a right to have his or her opinion heard. If there is a counter opinion, only then should it be offered.

Within the nooks and crannies of the system lies the unfair advantage is given to liars and deceivers that take the voice of the people away. Our voice is our only weapon when all hands and weapons are down. When silenced, anger builds up and the very core of our stability is shaken, rocked till we fall.

Our freedom to express ourselves through our words is the only ammunition to insecurities and challenges which face us. Everyone must have the right to speak to improve today's world.


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