Tainting The Colour of my skin: Colourism Around The World

The predominance of a colour-focused world is so rampant it destroys the core of justice. The major problem behind colourism is the very fact that no one acknowledges it as a major issue or factor in actions regarding favoritism. However, it is.

Colourism is described to be discrimination of a particular group of people based on the color of their skin either “too dark” or “too light”. America is a centralized home for awareness in the issues of unfair advantage given to a specific group of persons due to an uncontrolled characteristic. In the issue of colorism, the USA is not the only culprit.

In Africa, colourism is so deep; it rules every aspect of social interaction. Models are given preference because of their lighter skin. The excuse most directors give is the ease it takes to edit and fewer complications in lightening direction. So a darker skin is not worthy of being glorified?

The skin condition albinism is so much discriminated and societal interaction between melanin sufficient individuals and the albinos is that of much scrutiny and disgust. This has gone on so long, especially in West Africa,it has become a norm. Other irregularities in skin colour are being discriminated and turning normal individuals with conditions beyond their control to freaks. The freaks get turned away at job interviews, the children in schools get bullied in school for their colour. Africa is already a continent tainted with slavery and colonization of the past. To hold specific people accountable for their colour and skin shade is trapping them among the unwanted and creating room for segregation in a system which requires more acceptability now than ever before

This trend follows through Asia, United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the globe. Culture appropriation to look like individuals in the assumed lesser recognized race or skin shade in order to receive attention for beauty and jobs. Black-fishing became an exposed social injustice recently on twitter and brought along great controversy. At times, some shades of black are accepted just for how close to white they seem. Tainting the colours of the skin of young women and children to suit personal opinion and preference is borderline unacceptable. What a shame!

The consequence of colourism is the solution to change the shade into a finer more acceptable type to fit society’s standard for appearance. In 2016, bleaching cream had become a multibillion-dollar industry. The revenues keep on booming and increasing year after year. Other dermatology procedures for lightening and correcting the mentally perceived deformity in skin colour also are possible. Tanning is the channel to change the white to just an up-shade. Cosmetic companies do not have a blend for darker skin shades and several others have labeled an innocent black man the criminal just because the color of his skin fits in with criminal tendencies.

The world must begin to live again for the equality of all. Everyone should have the right to be just as they are without getting berated or bullied. Around the globe, the ban of bleaching creams should be processed and mandated for. Tanning procedures must stop. Colouring actresses and actors to look a certain way is a trend that needs to end. The awareness of colorism is necessary to speak about. Young women and men together can build a life of peace and harmony, if only we do not judge beauty by the shade of our skin. The moment we open our eyes to see beyond the colour of our skin to the hearts and truth behind our actions is the moment of revolution.


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