Force or Freedom: The Beast In Disguise As Democracy

The declaration of freedom in several different countries from slavery and colonization is celebrated every year. The fourth of July sparks with fireworks in the USA and in other countries, other dates in relation are filled with a flag raising and an outcry for freedom.

There are different political systems practiced in different parts of the world. But the most common and gives rights to the people is democracy -- A government for by people, for the people and of the people.  This is the supposed idea behind the presidency, the House of Representatives and the whole group of political leaders in the United States. Yet, as Americans, we’re bounded by the constitution, held captive by policies and manhandled by the ones who swore to uphold our freedom.

The rate of leaders gambling with the state of affairs of their country for their own personal gain seems to be increasing day after day.  Look at how many leaders in the U.S. have had publicized sexual scandals against themselves? It begs the question if democracy is really an indication of freedom or force.

After four years, civilians and citizens voluntarily go to voting polls to cast their votes to introduce new government into the system. But these political leaders are the best raised by political parties.

At this point, past scandals are buried deep and acts of corruption swept under the rug. The public is led to pick the lesser evil of the bunch of evils. Young minds are immature and are silenced, not given the opportunity to express their views on this system and given the opportunity to lead. The older men with worn out minds that have nothing to lose take the seat of power. 

There is this beast in disguise as the democratic system. Once the people are continually being mistreated and the policies practice nepotism and favoritism towards a particular elite group and the minority are silenced, democracy has lost its hold as a government for the people.

A government that prioritizes personal gain over the middle class and poor in any state or country does not practice democracy. Where are the laws implemented to ensure these political leaders in the sit of power conform to every promise listed in their manifesto? The millions who die daily in all part of the world ignored by the government add to the injustice.

Several leaders have turned the army into their own personal assassination group. The acts of embezzlement and misdemeanors done because of the "power of democracy" threatens the state of affairs in each country.

We call it democracy but it destroys the core of our existence dragging us to deal with laws unfavorable to the masses. Their excuse? "It is for the greater good." The greater good to let millions die in hunger and desperation to save the other many millions.

The multi-party systems in Africa and Asia, are essentially schemes with large multinational corporations.  Together they form collusive arrangements aimed at oppressing and exploiting local populations and the United States turns a blind eye to them as long as these collusions are friendly to the American political-military-industrial complex.

The votes which are said to count, do not count. The level of rigging both in a manual system and electronic system is so high, it's disconcerting. But as long as life goes on, poverty might reign still the citizens will persist and strive to conquer the system.

Democracy is not freedom in its current operation. It is a ploy for force under a ruse of hypocrisy. Who chooses the candidates for the U.S. presidency? What is the process to appoint these proposed candidates for political posts?

Four years after four years, poverty never dies. The economy is shaky. Still the rich become richer and the less privileged remain the same. We need, a reconstruction of the democratic system to raise the voice of the people. This would be a democratic system where peaceful protests do not involve the army and tear gas and arrests to free speech leader. This would be a democratic system where the voice of the people are loud and rule over ideologies and pain. Real freedom is needed now more than ever, real freedom not a beast in disguise.


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