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Sexual Orientation vs Gender identification: 5 Representations About The LGBTQ Community

The continuous misunderstanding between sexual orientation and gender identification is a major controversy, especially with millennials.

Gender identity is the particular sex, one chooses to identify with. It may or may not be the sex assigned at birth. A lot of individuals do not believe in the binary system of gender and wish to be identified by other pronouns.

Sexual orientation is the attraction of an individual towards a particular gender. The variation in gender identity shapes sexual orientation. This is why there are different classes and colors to specify which sexual orientation one belongs to or genders they identify with.

It's simple knowledge but sometimes may be complicated. A lot of individuals are not willing to learn about this special community of strong individuals with a "woke" sense of who they are and whom they choose to identify as.

In order to understand fully this community, here are 5 facts you have to know.

•  Lesbian and Gay and Transsexuals are more likely to experience depression than heterosexuals.

According to a publication in 2011 by Hass et al., homosexuals are more likely to experience depression than heterosexuals. Fear rules the minds of homosexuals, transmen, and transwomen who are still in the closet. Coupled with fear, backlash and the unsafe living and working environment drives instability in these peoples mental state. Confusion lurks behind the "whys" and the "hows" of their sexuality and is a cause for depression. Many families neglect or ignore members who are presumed to be different.

Suicides in the community increase daily around the world. In-depth sadness because of the hate rises and leads to depression. Only a few aware of their state of mental health get help. A majority ignore and bottle it up eventually taking their own lives. Within the past five years, the prominence of identity crises related to suicide has increased. This is the reality of the members of the community.

80% of the LGBTQ are in social isolation

Although we all love that gay best friend, socially these individuals are still isolated from the general world. In locker rooms, in the army, amongst church members, and major social organizations most choose to ignore their presence, others face discrimination and hate.

• In Africa, open members of the LGBTQ community face incarceration according to the law.

Currently, some African countries consider living openly as a transsexuals or homosexual a crime. The African family system is deep in traditional obligations and any abnormality is shunned. Although there are a lot of suspected characters, none will openly come out to speak freely on the subject or even admit to being somewhat different.

• America is one of the most actively speaking 22 countries around the world to recognize gay rights.

In the media, gay rights are majorly presented and openly discussed in the USA. It is posing an extreme difficultly for the media in most countries to speak openly on the issue or acknowledge the presence of the LGBTQI. Beheading of gay men and women happen in extreme countries. The world although has become a little bit accepting do not justify or move to correct the ills that have been and are currently done.

• Four out of Six Transchildren and young homosexuals are bullied in school.

There are a lot of bullying activities done to young boys, once their "manliness" is questioned and mockery to the girls who do not act in the certain "womanly" way. The minds of children are not properly developed towards understanding that sometimes difference is not a necessary negative presence but the diversity of humanity. Parents are also raising children in homophobic environments which reflect in their children and cause havoc and harm to the young ones who are trying to understand their position and place in the society.

It is hard to survive in a society that does not recognize the right for individuals to live in equality despite the diversity of their nature. The current hate situations and crimes can end, only if we start accepting one another, either of different sexual orientation or gender identity.


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