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The Raybould Affair - Justin Trudeau Presides Over Cesspool of Corruption, Sexism and Racism

Having worked for Ministers in the federal government, let's start dealing with reality on "The Raybould Affair".

The truth of the matter is that Canada doesn't really have an independent judiciary that's substantively inspired by the ideals of our Canadian Constitution.  Indeed, this is what I have documented in my coming book.

Our Canadian Judicial system is essentially corrupt and Jody Wilson-Raybould's selfless act to stand-up against it has exposed just how rotten it is.

When Justin Trudeau recently asserted that "diversity only works if there's trust" what he really meant to say is that women and visible minorities are only welcomed in our Canadian system of government if they are seen and not heard and turn a blind eye to their ethical responsibilities to integrity.  And, if they are asked by the the white male dominated system to do certain things which are essentially corrupt then that is their job to execute; and if they ever dare to inform the public of the corrupt ways of the system then they deserved to be kicked to the curb and humiliated.  That's the core belief system that has perpetuated unspeakable social injustices in Canada.

When I had worked in government, I was offered a fabulous job with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

However, they demanded that every time a file is brought before me for investigation, they would require me to automatically dismiss any applicant's file for a human rights investigation as being without merit.

That's when I decided that my soul was not for sale, and I took myself out of the cesspool of government.

Justin Trudeau's reported efforts to interfere in the work and Office of the Minister of Justice is a typical way of doing business not just in Ottawa but across government in Canada.

Raybould's apparent miscalculation in my view is that she may have been watching too much American TV and forgot that she was in Canada which still operates substantively based upon colonial norms.

If she was in the United States, her actions would have gotten a lot more public support and she probably would have been able to weather the storm in the Cabinet and champion reforms.

However, because of the way in which our political system is set up which fuses power in the Office of the Prime Minister, Raybould didn't have much of a chance.

Jody Wilson-Raybould's case shows that politics in Canada these days in no place for anyone who has a smack of integrity.

Our whole system is dominated by corrupt lawyers who either become corrupt politicians doing "their thing" like Justin Trudeau or instead become corrupt judges and the most corrupt of them get promoted by the corrupt ex-lawyer politicians to Canada's Supreme Court.  Indeed, our so-called 'Supreme Court' remains a bastion of Canada's corrupt, racist and neo-colonial norms - not a black, Asian, South Asian or other such visible minorities in the "High Court".

As an investigative journalist I can tell you that the idea of "judicial independence" in Canada is a complete myth and farce.

Judges in Canada are substantively influenced by who has power and who doesn't in and out the courtroom.  If you're a self-represented litigant who hasn't received any attention by the mass media, it is likely they won't even bother taking even one minute to examine your case that's opposed by one of their lawyer colleagues.

Judges in Canada on a regular basis consult with various elites who then direct these judges who to support and reject in the substantive operation of Kangaroo Courts in Canada.  So when Justin Trudeau reportedly asked Raybould to do certain things for his "friends" in the Montreal "Château Clique" that was not Mr Trudeau being corrupt on his own.  Rather, that sort of sought favour by Mr Trudeau was a normal way of doing business among the lawyers of our system who act as judges or as politicians.

Raybould's role in all of this was not only to help maintain the charade but also to facilitate it by responding to Trudeau's desires, and not stand up against it.

Raybould seems to have thought that she could challenge the corrupt norms that operate behind closed doors on a day-to-day basis and Justin Trudeau has made it known just how wrong she is.

As Maclean's recently proclaimed, Justin is an "imposter".  His "Sunny Ways" that he sought to extol when he took office was a sham and a scam,

Thanks to  former Minister Raybould for showing us just a glimpse of just how corrupt our system has become under the Archons who sell out our Canadian Dream to fascistic and self-serving egos.

Raybould's big mistake was that she truly believed in the official propaganda taught in Canadian political science classrooms that the Minister of Justice's role is to champion the rule of law and the integrity of our system of justice from political interference.   Ms. Raybould was clearly too much of a romantic idealist for her former job.

Like Ministers of Justice before, she should have realized when she took the job that Mr. Trudeau simply wanted her to "decorate" his Cabinet as both a female and First Nations face to legitimate his hypocrisy that he actually gives a damn about women and other visible minorities while also "doing what she's told to do" behind closed doors along with the other representatives of the judicial system right down to judges across this land who prostitute themselves of elite political manipulation.

I give a toast to Madame Raybould for showing us just a glimpse of the morbid corruption of not only this Justin Trudeau government but other governments across Canada which usually operate in the dark hall of boardrooms under the auspices of elite driven political-military-industrial complex.  This complex is maintained by corrupt lawyers with the various hats of power that they wear in order to maintain power in this country which is bereft of principles of equity and values of democracy.


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