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When Women put us to Shame: Cardi B

Ok, ok, I am all too familiar with the “I’m gonna get mine” mentality, but Cardi B has put all women to shame. Her recent scandal, in which she admitted to drugging, and robing men has become her latest scandal.

Cardi B has a rags to riches story, and true to the cliché, she was an aspiring artist with a rough childhood. Living with her grandparents, she turned to the streets and joined the Bloods Gang—a heavily violent street gang involved in various criminal activities. Not a very wise choice, if you ask me.

Later on, Cardi B began her career as a stripper. Not the best choice, but it’s still a job, and it was better than committing crimes…right

A few days ago, a post from Cardi B began a scandal. She admitted to drugging men and then robbing them. She confessed:

‘Oh yeah, you want to f**k me? Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s go back to this hotel,’ and I drugged n****rs up, and I robbed them. That’s what I used to do,” 

Claiming to be a feminist, this goes against all feminism stands for. Feminism is defined as a movement to obtain equal rights among men and women such as wages, job opportunities, and such.

When did feminism become something where women get back at men? The scenario Cardi B claims, when she would lure men to hotel rooms, and then drug them into unconsciousness, then taking all she could get from them, just to get “hers,” that is not feminism.

If a man were to do that, he would catch a plethora of charges including kidnapping, causing bodily harm, theft, robbery, rape, and others. The truth is men are ashamed to admit a woman could do such a thing. I’m sure if that would have happened to her, you know she would have been at the courthouse the very next day.

So why are so many people supporting her? Making ends meet is one of her excuses. I am sorry, but I was under the impression that strippers make enough money to get by. Even bartenders make enough to get by. So why go the extra mile? Well, my only conclusion is greed.

In another interview, Cardi B admitted:

"Ever since I started using men...I feel so god damn powerful."

Cardi B feels powerful using men. Getting anything and everything from men is her preference. So my question is, is this the role model we want for our youth? Is it ok to deliberately put a human’s life in danger just so we can get “ours?”

Many of her fans are backing her up, making it seem like its ok to do this. But, I still think that it has become ok, because she is a woman. There is absolutely no excuse to do this to anyone, man or woman. Cardi B acts as if she is untouchable just because it happened years ago. Does she feel remorse? While it is unclear if she does feel remorse, she certainly did not want to face her criticism. She deactivated her Instagram because she could not take the criticism.

I am not saying she’s the scum of the earth, but would it kill her to apologize? We all make mistakes, we all have a past we are not proud of, but if you really want to make things right, I think those men who were wronged deserve at least some acknowledgement.

Fans would be more supportive if she just acknowledges she was wrong, and is truly sorry. Let’s not put women strippers to shame, some actually do it out of necessity and do not go around raping men. Feminists deserve a better reputation.

As far as Cardi B, we can move past it, as long as you humanize yourself and make these wrongs better.


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