New York City's Quik Park Scams Tourist

Are you seeking to travel to New York City?

Well, if you're a tourist seeking to visit New York City, you may be in need of parking in Manhattan.

Do you want your car to be stacked like sardines by greedy parking lot owners?

Are you also seeking to get double-charged?

I would suggest then you go to the Quik Park garage at 600 W 42nd Street where they charged me $52 twice after they said they would not.

Their client services rep refused to refund me for having been charged $52 in the same day.

Their day manager told me I would not need to pay extra but then their apparent scammy evening manager refused to release my vehicle unless I paid him an extra $52. He took all my U.S. currency and I had to wait until the next day to get more U.S. currency to be able to buy gas.

Their evening manager is an apparent evil man without any apparent regard for integrity. The NYPD had suggested that I sue them.

Thanks for your welcome to Manhattan, Quik Park!


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