United States Air Force Band Assaults Canada Day Week in Toronto on July 2

In my view, the scheduled appearance of the United States Air Force Band at Nathan's Phillips Square in Toronto to "celebrate Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day" on July 2, 2019 in totally in bad taste.

Our Canada Day celebrates how our "Fathers of Confederation" quickly banded together to forge a Canadian nation against U.S. military designs to annex parts of all of Canada.

The Fathers of Confederation were quite aware of how the "military ancestors" of the United States Air Force invaded us in 1812 and then placed fifth columns in Canada led by Goldwin Smith to advocate for a "Commercial Union" between Canada and the U.S. as the first step toward a U.S. sought take-over of Canada during the President Andrew Jackson regime.

I am quite fine with the idea of a group of American private citizens celebrating in a respectful way their Independence Day.

However, an arm of the U.S. military dressed in full military outfits in the name of a "band" seeking to apparently merge of Canada Day with their Independence Day is quite offensive at least to this Canadian.

"During their visit, the band will be performing for veterans at Sunnybrook Veterans Centre and at the U.S. Independence Day celebration at the Ontario Science Center. "SuperSonic" is a six-piece band and it is the newest ensemble of The United States Air Force Band, the premier musical organization of the U.S. Air Force. SuperSonic specializes in performing Top 40 pop, rock, classical rock and country music."

But it's apparent that the U.S. Consulate representatives who released their press release can't even respect our national and cultural sovereignty by even spelling 'centre' or 'defence' properly. [LOL]

How does our modern defence partnerships give the United States Consulate license to disrespect our week of celebration for Canada Day?

If the U.S. Air Force band wants to play in their uniforms in Canada, they ought to confine themselves to the precincts of the United States Consulate or to a gathering of U.S. citizens in Canada and not in a public square as if our own Canadian military doesn't exist.  In this respect, the United States Consulate is not acting out of friendship in a manner of profound disrespect to all those Canadians who lost their lives fighting against their military ancestors who invaded Canada in 1812 and profound disrespect to our struggle as Canadians to affirm our national sovereignty against the kind of U.S. imperialism which this July 2nd event represents.


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