Why Los Angeles Will Crush Kawhi Leonard and Clippers Next Season

Here's why Kawhi Leonard won't likely be celebrating at the end of the next NBA season with his new team the Clippers, as hew had been with the Toronto Raptors.

In my view Mr Leonard's decision was high on ego and nostalgia and low on common sense.

As I had watched Mr. Leonard looking at the huge crowds which greeted him in Toronto I got the impression he had one major thing on his mind and it goes something like this - "If only this could be in L.A."

Mr. Leonard seems to think that everything for him is actually going to be way better next year because he get all the love and support he had in Canada, plus be in in the States and "best of all", his home turf of L.A. where he will "of course" win the NBA title next year.

But then I remember an interesting conversation I had with someone in Montreal a couple of years ago.  He told me what a wonderful experience he had been having in Montreal, as compared to where he used to be.  He had also referred to Montreal as a "small town".  So, I asked him where could he have possibly lived to now be calling Montreal a "small town".

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This guy who was also a black American quickly replied 'Los Angeles'.  He said he was so glad to be out of there.  He added that it seemed to him that the "most competitive minded" Americans seemed to settle in Los Angeles which made it an entirely stressful place for him.  He worked in Information Technology and felt Montreal was a much less stressful place to live than Los Angeles.

With that in mind, Mr Leonard can expect that L.A. fans will be relentlessly demanding no less than what he achieved with the Raptors.   Mr. Leonard will also not be getting all the gentle hand-holding and extensive pampering he received in Canada.

In my view, the stress of a such an demanding environment will quickly overwhelm him once the season starts and cause a ripple effect on the entire Clippers team - and don't expect Clippers fans to be patient with Mr Leonard, as Raptors fans sought to be.  I expect the Clippers to sputter and then cave-in under the pressure and a limelight which Mr Leonard did not expect because of his big ego and apparent lack of maturity.


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