Former Toronto Raptors Danny Green on How Stupid or Cheap Can You Get

Fresh off an NBA Championship, a former Toronto Raptors player was recently robbed last week while visiting Vancouver for a promotional event.

Danny Green opened up about the experience on his podcast for Yahoo Canada Sports, Inside The Green Room. Green, who recently left Toronto, says he was in town for the opening of a London Drugs last Friday in the Dunbar neighbourhood but booked an Airbnb in a very different area.

Guess where?  Can you believe Mr Green and his friends booked their Airbnb in the Vancouver East Side area?

Firstly, I had no idea that multi-millionaire NBA players use Airbnb like the rest of us trying to stretch our dollars.

But more shocking, how does Mr Green and his friends complain about getting robbed booking accommodation in the worst neighbourhood of Canada with one of the worst problems of drugs and homelessness in all of North America?

Was Mr Green and his friends seeking to pay only $20 a night or something?

If you had the money of Mr Green, would you and your friends seek cheap accommodations in Vancouver's East Side?

And just how conspicuous do you think Mr Green and his posse's vehicle would be in such an area?

I betya not too many millionaires hang around there.

“We don’t know much about Vancouver,” he says in the podcast. “We booked the Airbnb, on the picture it looks great. They go to check in, we go to eat, and they’re like ‘Yo, we gotta change it, it’s old, it’s raggedy, it feels haunted.’ We didn’t know there’s a ghetto or hood in Vancouver. We didn’t know where we were located at, we’re two blocks from East Hastings, we didn’t know that.”

Like, are you serious?  Don't multi-millionaires like you have staff or contacts who brought you to Vancouver, and who you could have consulted on accommodation?

Apparently, while he and his entourage were upstairs going over the details and figuring out what to do, their book bags were stolen from their vehicle.

Oh yeah?  Sounds like you were reluctant to spend a couple of extra dollars to stay at the local Holiday Inn Express, huh?

There's no way I would have been coming out of my vehicle to figure out things in Vancouver's East Side.

“We go back outside, and we pretty much got robbed. Not robbed of everything, but two book bags [were] gone, and one of the book bags had a lot of stuff in it,” he says. “We lost electronics, computers, laptops, camp registry money, stuff like that.”

Yeah?  Maybe next time it might be better to "splurge" at the local Holiday Inn Express after all or maybe expand your filters on Airbnb a bit more over the $20 range?

Green says they called the police and searched the neighbourhood for their bags but couldn’t find them.  Yeah, like someone would just be strolling along the street with stolen merchandise.

How stupid or cheap can you get?!!


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