Racial Profiling: Loblaws Targets Visible Minorities In Contrast With Farm Boy

Here’s is why I am impressed with Farm Boy and highly disappointed with Loblaws when it comes to race relations.

A couple of days ago, I had needed to get organic toothpaste that’s free of fluoride and a new toothbrush.  So I decided to venture to the Loblaws on Carlton and Church Streets in downtown Toronto.

This is a Loblaws I have visited many times.

So, I go to Isle 14 to look for my toothpaste.

Then all-of-a-sudden, I hear on the security intercom, “Security camera to Isle 14!”

Then I think to myself... “Hmmm, I am the only person in this Isle.  Maybe they are just testing the system or something?”.

Then I go Isle 12.   Then I hear, “Security camera to Isle 12!”

My every movement is being announced in the store!  Can you imagine how embarrassing that is!

I immediately complain to the evening duty manager who began to deny the whole thing, as if I must have been hearing things.

Then I witness who happened to be at the check-out who I had seen in the store said that they saw the whole thing and heard my every move being announced in the store.

This is in sharp contrast with Farm Boy management.

A security guard began tailing me in the store.  I complained to store management, and they took immediate action and profusely apologized for the incident.

Farm Boy presented themselves as a role model when it comes to human rights.  The same cannot be said for Loblaws.

It is apparent that whoever was working behind the security cameras at Loblaws forgot to turn off the store microphone.  However, as a result, we Canadians have new insights into the apparent racial profiling activities on Loblaws against young visible minorities who have no criminal record.

Shame on you Loblaws!  

Don’t you know Canada is a multicultural society?  

Do you think is right for you to apparently target black people in your store for this kind of harassment?  

Do you assume that all young black males have come to your store to engage in shoplifting?  

Did your store assume that because the other people in your store were white, they didn’t deserve any security camera time and that the focus of your security camera should just be on the black male?  

After the witness stepped forward, why didn’t you do the right thing and at least apologize for the incident?  Instead, your company sewed lies of denial on top of the indignity of your security camera operators.


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