Coronavirus: Donald Trump proposes hostile military move against Canada

Today, I heard that U.S. President Donald Trump wants to move troops up near the Canadian border during this global coronavirus pandemic.

Supposedly, the reason is out of concern of people illegally entering the United States from Canada, resulting in the further spread of the coronavirus.

But we all know that President Trump should have more than enough to deal with regarding this domestic situation.

The United States ha salready become dubiously recognized as evolving into the new global epicentre for the coronavirus.

Therefore, such a pretext to move American troops up to Canada must be absolute hogwash, and you can bet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knows this too.

So, what do you think the real reason is then?

Prime Minister Trudeau wouldn't be able to diplomatically express such concerns... but....

It wasn’t many months ago that Donald Trump wanted to buy GreenlandRemember that one?

Having been rebuffed by the Government of Denmark, it looks like Mr. Trump is now turning his sights to Canada and seeking to use a global pandemic as a pretext for annexation designs.

Historians will remember that the last time the United States moved its troops to the Canadian border, they invaded Canada, leading to the War of 1812.

If Mr. Trump puts troops alongside the Canadian border, shouldn't a self-respecting sovereign country like Canada also put our own troops there, along with NATO allies like the United Kingdom, if necessary, in order to secure our borders from U.S. troops “wandering” into Canada?

Let's keep our borders demilitarized as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said.

Let's continue to keep Canada sovereign and free to any imagination in Mr. Trump's head of using this crisis to seize control of Canada under the pretext of "national security."

Rest assured, if Trump moves American troops near the Canadian border, they will keep moving closer and closer to the Canadian border until they are in our lap unless we Canadians learn the lessons of history and resist such an apparentlydistrustingmove!

Aren't Canada and the U.S. now supposed to be friends and allies?

Indeed, moving troops near or at another country's border should never be regarded by that other country as a friendly move.


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