Coronavirus is a Psych Ops designed to take away your freedoms suggest dissident doctors

How much of the current mainstream narrative about the coronavirus is part of a propaganda plot?

Is humanity being intentionally whipped-up into a state of mass panic so they can become champions of the permanent replacement of democracy with fascism which elites desire in their quest of total control over the masses?  David Icke calls this Establishment technique of manipulating the masses "Problem-Reaction-Solution".

David Icke painstakingly quotes doctors shut-out of mainstream coverage who offer a different perspective of the "coronavirus" in the above video.  Mr Icke elaborates that there has been no spike in actual death rates as compared to last year that mass media and politicians alike would have us believe.

Quoting these same learned doctors, Mr Icke then elaborates that the "coronavirus" is an apparent contrived collective term being put on a mixture of viral infections which have always been in human populations.  But, in an effort to push us toward a New World Order, politicians, Big Pharma and the political-military-industrial complex are apparently colluding to create a narrative around the spread of a single virus as a False Flag scam to legitimate the taking away of your freedoms. 

Near the end of the video below from Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home, the character Dr Leonard McCoy who returned to Earth from the future relabelled "cramps" a different medical term to create a desired mass psychological effect of a much more serious ailment which could then be used to create fear and panic among hospital medical staff. Mr Icke implies that the "coronavirus" is actually family of viral infections whose identities are being manipulated in order to support self-serving satanic political objectives.

David Icke alleges that a collusion of politicians, Big Pharma and a political-military-industrial complex have apparently sought to borrow Joseph Goebbels technique of the "Big Lie".

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie," stated Goebbels.

The Big Lie is based upon the idea that when a politician decides to lie, they should like big.  This is based upon the notion that the masses will believe that huge lies to more likely be truthful because how could anyone of such a respectable positions of authority ever seek to make-up something like that?

Using this principle "one should lie big, and stick to it... even at the risk of looking ridiculous," Goebbels further elaborated.

Icke alleges that the same kinds of sickness that people got on previous years along with the the death toll from those illnesses are now all being lumped together as "coronavirus" in order to support the mass manipulation of the masses to replace democracies with Chinese-style authoritarian regimes with the public whipped-up in a state of fear.

Indeed, on social media like Facebook, I have began to see more and more reports of death certificates being changed from previous diagnoses of 'pneumonia'; bronchitis, influenza and other kids of illnesses to "coronavirus" to enable Archons to use these number of deaths in order to support a Big Lie.

You be the judge.


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