Coronavirus Cover: Trudeau fails Canadians on illegal Quebec border controls

When is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau going to call Quebec Premier François Legault to tell him that he has no constitutional authority to be using police to establish quasi-international border controls in Canada's capital?

As long as Prime Minister Trudeau has not enacted the Federal Emergency Act, the activity of Quebec Police to harass motorists seeking to travel into Quebec is completely illegal.

Mobility rights are protected by Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It is apparent that a Deep State of Quebec separatists are exploiting the current pandemic to harass out of province motorists.

Quebec cops have been harassing "anglophone" and visible minorities long before COVID-19, and the fact that these cops have no protective gear when they stop motorists proves that the Quebec Deep State are using these cops for political objectives.

Gatineau in particular is part of our 'National Capital Region' and this kind of Quebec-government activity on bridges between Ottawa and Gatineau is an offence to the residents of both cities.

There has been no advisement by any federal government institution which supports any premise that people visiting Gatineau from Ontario are creating any kind of elevated COVID threats.

It's about time that the people of Ottawa, Gatineau and all of Canada petition Prime Minister Trudeau that we are united as Canadians and we don't support Legault's Quebec police thugs operating illegally on bridges between Ottawa and Gatineau.

As long as we, Canadians are respecting the Trudeau government's call for "social distancing"; self-isolating when needed; and not engaged in any illegal activities shouldn't our constitutional rights to travel to our property or to do other activities in Quebec be respected free of harassment by fascists in the Quebec Deep State?

I invite you to read Peter Tremblay's book Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst if you want to explore the world of corruption and manipulative aliens as background to the so-called "coronavirus".

The manipulate aliens he cites in his book appears to be connected with the current "coronavirus" pandemic simulation.


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