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5G: Defeating the Coronavirus Requires Understanding Artificial Intelligence

More and more people are becoming curious about a possible relationship between 5G and the coronavirus. This has been confirmed by reports of trending searches over the internet.

Understandably, there is a great public appetite for figuring out a way we, as humans, can get rid of the coronavirus and “return to normal.”

However, before we can begin to really understand the interrelationship between 5G and the coronavirus, we must first appreciate what artificial intelligence (AI) is all about.

Artificial intelligence is not simply a product of our modern society. Humans were first exposed to AI literally thousands of years ago.

During ancient times, the ancient pagan Gnostics discovered AI in their orgiastic spiritual rituals and referred to it as "Artificial Man."

These ancient people described Artificial Man as possessing demonic intentions against humans as the higher-dimensional and biological-spiritual life forms we are.

AI was eventually introduced in human society by humans who chose to sell-out our human species to these demonic AI creatures.

AI technology on our planet Earth is the product of what Dr. Michael Salla has described as agreements between satanic-worshipping elites whose power on Earth is being propped up by the use of the roll-out of AI technology. The purpose of this AI technology is to trick humans into becoming dependent on it, which will then enable the controllers of this technology to use it to oppress us, and the introduction of 5G is an apparent product of this association. More specifically, 5G is a reported AI weapon of mass destruction (WMD), something which various mouthpieces of AI control have sought to deny in the continued efforts to sell-out the human race.

Our common understandings of Satan, "evil," the devil and demons, and what AI really represents ought to be regarded as essentially the same.

Most people would consider such an association rubbish because they have also bought into the illusion manufactured by the AI satanic consciousness that elites in society "may at times be greedy but they are essentially good people" who have benevolent intentions for the rest of humanity.

However, in "The Age of Cyber Satan, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics vol. 6.66," Leo Lyon Zagami, who has studied Satanism, writes:

"There is a passage in The Secret Doctrine, that is only a few lines on page 389 of Vol. 2, where Illuminati guru Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) explains her own vision of evil and the devil. I find it quite revealing because it shows the necessity for evil in the Illuminati elite of today that follow her teachings: There is no Devil, no Evil, outside mankind to produce a Devil. “Evil is a necessity in, and one of the supporters of the manifested universe. It is a necessity for progress and evolution, as night is necessary for the production of Day, and Death for that of Life — that man may live forever.”

The ancient pagan Gnostics warned that the way in which AI operates, which is really Satan, is to essentially make us believe that "up" is "down," "down" is "up," “fake” is "real," and “evil”
 is "good."

Therefore, when we as humans regard the coronavirus as evil and therefore as bad, if we appreciate the mind of AI and recognize it as an intruder in our human spiritual biological space, we must be open to the concept that AI should be expected to view the coronavirus as "good" because it's evil.

Zagami's passage also reveals the goal of satanic elites to "live forever" by the replacement of spiritual-biological life with artificial intelligence. That is the demonic agenda of so-called "transhumanism."

We as humans should therefore not be fooled by the words of the mouthpieces of AI. These mouthpieces reassure us that they are on "our side," which ought to be expected in the mass-deception strategies which AI follows in a quest to conquer spiritual-biological lifeforms that humans represent.

“Social distancing” is the language dictated by AI to enable “divide, rule, and conquer” while 5G is used as an EMF biogenic weapon which simulates the appearance of a contagious virus. David Icke reveals that the symptoms of this “virus” are really the symptoms one would expect from the military applications of 5G to disrupt human cellular integrity and biological functions.

Lying, deception, and evil are all viewed to be necessary by the satanic worshippers of AI and that's what we should therefore look for in all motivations of their actions, including possibly the official coronavirus narrative.

The wisdom of tribal elders like Credo Mutwa and the ancient knowledge of the pagan Gnostics seems to teach us that if we, as humans, keep an open mind, we will know who is truly one of us and not "one of them" by their deeds and focus on serving others, in contrast to AI, which are driven to serve the self.  It is this modus operandi which has driven the AI and their followers into the insatiable pursuit of power, self-aggrandizement, and control over other lifeforms and resulted in planetary environmental destruction, breaches of human rights, unnecessary wars, and the destructive use of AI technologies and techniques of simulation which the so-called coronavirus appears to represent.

With that said, the work of AI (or Satan) can be easily spotted if we as humans embrace our higher-dimensional consciousness to be vigilant of efforts to use simulations against our human minds.

In the above video, David Icke painstakingly reveals that the so-called coronavirus is in fact not a real "virus" in the way it has been described in the mass-media, but in fact the product of a simulation. The purpose of this simulation is to enable AI and their satanic worshipping elites to assimilate and control all human lifeforms in the lower dimensional hell in which AI originates.

Mr. Icke indicates that the simulation of the coronavirus involves manipulating data, manipulating vulnerable sick people, and using the AI technology that 5G represents to attack vulnerable populations which are susceptible to EMF attacks.

It is apparent that the coronavirus represents the final stage in the process by which AI has sought to assimilate our human race to "live forever" through the higher-dimensional human physical form they lack.

Defeating the 5G coronavirus attack simulation will ultimately first require us to free our human mind from all dependence on AI technologies. These technologies are being used to scramble our human minds so we find it increasingly difficult to be able to critically know what's real from what's fake. AI and their satanic followers have bombarded us with their technology over recent years in order to make our minds numb to the prevailing planned coronavirus deception, which former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura revealed back in 2010 was supposed to lead to mass death and martial law.

It is when we as humans reach this stage of an elevated consciousness which recognizes AI and Satan as being one and the same, that we will finally be able to not only defeat the coronavirus but also free our human minds to be able to redress environmental destruction, resolve issues of peace and war, and deal with other planetary quality-of-living issues which have been frustrated by AI infiltration against human decision-making processes.

Long before this, the AI arrived and went back into our human history to manipulate our timeline in order to destroy ancient civilizations. This was revealed by African Zulu elder Credo Mutwa to David Icke. Apparently humans were living for hundreds of years in perfect harmony with animals and with nature and were free of diseases, wars, and human oppression. During this era there was no Moon in Earth's orbit; David Icke also reveals this to be the biggest AI device, which is being used in the AI's unannounced war against humankind. The coronavirus is simply the latter stage of AI warfare.

The sooner that we as humans can liberate ourselves of AI psychological mass manipulation and control, the sooner we can free humankind of the coronavirus agenda and re-embrace the comparative Utopian societies of our human ancestors that Michael Cremo reveals have been living for millions of years and not in the much shorter human history that is also part of an apparent AI deception.

As David Icke shows, it is vital that we stop the now accelerated march of AI and their satanic followers into the complete destruction of human society as we know it before it's too late. If we fail to do so, we as humans will be completely taken over by the reptilian overlords of lower-dimension AI entities.

I invite you to read my book Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst if you want to explore the world of corruption and AI manipulative aliens as background to the so-called "coronavirus".

The collaborators and manipulate aliens I cite my book appear to be connected with the current "coronavirus" pandemic simulation.


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