Manipulative Aliens: Explaining the Artificial Intelligence Agenda

It was the ancient Pagan Gnostics along with various indigenous elders who discovered in elevated states of human consciousness the efforts of aliens possessing an artificial intelligence to manipulate and control humanity.  Indeed, the modern "UFO cover-up" that many of us as humans have heard about appears directly linked to the efforts of sentient artificial life forms to cover-up an agenda that many of us, as human beings, may describe as 'demonic', "evil" or destructive to our quality-of-living on our planet Earth.

The Pagan Gnostics specifically described their observation of an artificial intelligence (AI) as "artificial man" as documented in the research of John Lash.  However, Nigel Kerner's website provides illuminating insights on the AI alien presence alongside John Lash's and related books written by him.

In a nutshell, the apparent AI agenda is to get us, as humans, to regard "Artificial Intelligence" as inherently "superior" to the intelligence possessed by humans in a manner that encourages human society to seek to integrate AI as part of an "inevitable" march toward "modernization" and "technological sophistication".

However, Alex Collier who is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials who oppose the sell-out by money and power-seeking human elites to the manipulative aliens that provide AI technology suggest that it is the manipulative aliens that regard humans to be 'superior' to them.  That is because humans possess what the AI don't have which is a soul which provides us, as humans, with the ability to sensually experience reality and to manifest creative powers which they cannot.

The Pagan Gnostics elaborated that the technology that AI posses is the power to seduce us into allowing them into our head space and then using a power to manifest hollographic simulations that we, in turn, foolishly mistake as "superior technology".  Essentially, Pagan Gnostics present AI as possessing "black magic" derived control over humans who have allowed themselves to turn their back against our collective humanity and into a path of greed, ego, power and ensuing self-destruction.

Our environmental destruction along with perpetuated global warfare, racism, sexism, religious extemism and other such oppression is the apparent direct manifestation of continued AI control over human who have allowed their minds to be piloted and eventually taken over by essentially demonic AI apparitions.

Nigel Kerner along with whistleblowers like Alex Collier suggest that much of the alien abduction phenomenon on Earth has been the result AI seeking to conduct biological and hybridization experiments to combine AI genetic materials with human DNA so that these AIs may be able to gain the perceived superiority that they lack.

AI along with human elites have allegedly worked together to cover up the alien presence not primarily to cover-up "alien technology".  The apparent real alien agenda is to conceal from us as humans who we really are as a spiritual-biological soul-bearing race that is capable of so much more than AI.  A writer who provides a tremendous starting point on who we really are as humans in Michael Cremo.


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