Trudeau practices hypocrisy on illegal Gatineau cops blocking Ottawa-bound traffic

Gatineau's mayor many months ago had travelled to Quebec City to complain about the Outaouais being neglected as far as the allocation of the Quebec's healthcare dollars.

But, this hasn't stopped this apparently corrupt Gatineau politician seeking to waste millions of dollars on the Gatineau Police's state terrorism activities against Ottawa-bound motorists.

This corrupt mayor has essentially diverted money that could have been spent in supporting Gatineau's healthcare workers activities on COVID-19 instead into as-hole cops engaged in harassment.

On Thursday April 16th the above photos document the illegal activities of six Gatineau Police vehicles seeking to illegally obstruct Ottawa-bound motorists.

Instead of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showing leadership in the rights of him and other Canadians to cross into Gatineau and back into Ottawa free of harassment, he has sought to exclusively defend his right to travel up to his family cottage to see his wife and kids while leaving behind other Canadians.

Is this showing leadership?

Prime Minister Trudeau in his own defence said that "that's where his wife and kids live."  How so?  They are not separated.  Isn't the primary residence of Justin Trudeau and his family supposed to be in Ottawa at the Prime Minister's Official residence?

I doubt that his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau's who was against the idea of Quebec being a "distinct society" and who was also a very strong defender of federalism would have allowed the apparent illegal fascist and separatist activities of the Gatineau's Police to continue in the National Capital Region.

The pandemic forced Canadians across the country to abandon hopes of travel to see loved ones and also came amid warnings from public officials for people not to travel to cottages unless that is already their primary residence — and really, just not to leave their homes at all.


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