Coronavirus: 5G autoimmune disease is a Weapon of Mass Destruction -- A Crime Against Humanity

It is apparent when you do the research that COVID-19 didn't come from "bats" and was not the result of an unsanitary market in China.

And the true origins of COVID-19 was not really even China.

The apparent true origins of COVID-19 based upon the thoroughly documented research of whistleblowers who include Robert Kennedy Jr, Dr Rashid Buttar and David Icke is from the minds of some very wealthy Americans and their collaborators who have chosen to sell out humanity to sick and twisted egos that embrace a satanic agenda.

In the above video, Dr. Buttar points to easily obtainable evidence that COVID-19 was produced by genetically engineering naturally-occurring coronaviruses in the human body.

In order to cover-up their tracks, the billionaire interests who are apparently pursuing a demonic transhumanism, eugenics, social engineering and depopulation agenda have sought to pay hush money to control potential dissidents and to activate mouthpieces to spread lies that COVID-19 has nothing to do with 5G and then to use "bats" as scapegoats.

Sites like are an apparent part of a web of disinformation to help cover-up the legal paper trail of a betrayal of our human species and the scientific evidence of a direct correlation between COVID-19 and 5G technology.

The result of the well-funded research documented by Robert Kennedy Jr and Dr Buttar were coronavirus medical patents specifically described by Dr Buttar in the above video which were then unleashed onto the human race from China.  You can expect that Google will soon delete this video since the search engine giant is a part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) agenda which drives the transhumanist cult.

"Transhumanism" is an apparent from of manipulative aliens that are of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  These demonic entitles have been documented by Dr Salla and have been presented in my book which relies on the learned research of Dr. Salla and other such investigative researchers.

5G technology has been apparently used to activate COVID-19 and Wuhan, China was chosen because of it being the epicentre of 5G technology in China.

It is therefore apparent that what we, as humans need to combat COVID-19 is not a mass vaccination programs that the satanists now seek to cash-in on.

What we as humans apparently need are lawyers who can successfully prosecute both terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity against this apparent biogenic weapon in a similar manner to the Nuremberg Trials against the Nazis after World War II.

The only hope for we as humans to "get back to normal" is to affirm our sovereignty as humans against the agenda of demonic aliens and their billionaire collaborators through such a Trial in the United States in front of TV cameras and at the level of the United Nations regarding international Crimes Against Humanity.

The ancient Pagan Gnostics as documented by John Lash had sought to warn humans of the intent of these aliens they called "artificial man" to seek to control and eventually destroy our human race through such a "collaboration" which represents a betrayal of all of humanity along with other spiritual-biological life forms that face extinction as a result of a satanic ideology and vision of Earth.

The apparent criminals who are responsible for COVID-19 may need to be put on Trial before we, as humans can expect to "return to normal".  The alternative would be to stand by as manipulative alien-worshipping satanists pursue a New World Order where all humans are controlled by AI through nanotechnology implants injected through toxic vaccines that the Archons seek to make mandatory.


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