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Mandatory Gene Altering Vaccines: A License to The Emerging New World?

Taking a stand against mandatory vaccinesis now more important than ever, says freelance investigative reporter, Jon Rappoport who blogs on Nomorefakenews. He describes COVID 19 as a fake pandemic engineered for the sole purpose of forcing a vaccine on the world.

Rappoport insists that the introduction of a coronavirus vaccine would be accompanied by a technocratic feature characterized by a currency reset and other features such as new levels of visible surveillance, social credit scores, universal guaranteed income, Internet of Things, energy-use quotas, smart cities.

Interestingly, Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases mentioned a couple of months ago, that the COVID 19 vaccine could be a DNA vaccine. This means it would be some sort of gene therapy where synthesized genes would be injected into the body to allegedly set up immunity, when in reality; these genes will alter the genetic makeup of the recipient t, creating an opportunity to put many different genes into humans in a bid to create“new humans.”

Rappoport worries about the so-called immunity passports or risk-free certificates oncementioned by Dr.Fauci, which would be issued to people who test positive on the new antibody tests for COVID-19. Since 1984, a negative test has been all that was needed to show a person was not infected for a virus; this begs the question, why the sudden shift?

These immunity certificates are believed to be the beginning of the process of conditioning the population to signify immunity by the use of a certificate. Rappoport believes it would function as some sort of passport to the "brave new world." A license to show that you are immune and can, therefore, be allowed to conduct business, travel or attend school. People who are not immune would be injected with these so-called antibodies.

He quotes an article in the 3/15/15 edition of theNew York Times,  which references a study on DNA vaccines and the use of synthetic genes to “protect against disease,” while changing the genetic makeup of humans.

“By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the [experimental] monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease.”

“’The sky’s the limit,’ said Michael Farzan, an immunologist at Scripps and lead author of the new study.”

“The first human trial based on this strategy — called immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer, or I.G.T. — is underway, and several new ones are planned.” [That was five years ago.]

“I.G.T. is altogether different from traditional vaccination. It is instead a form of gene therapy. Scientists isolate the genes that produce powerful antibodies against certain diseases and then synthesize artificial versions. The genes are placed into viruses and injected into human tissue, usually muscle.”

The study noted that thesynthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient's DNA altering the human genetic makeup, which is quite scary, "The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient's DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies."

The makers of this dangerous technology already expect some sort of resistance from the general public as no one would willingly submit to gene-altering vaccines whose real purpose has not been made clear. The Times article quotes accomplished researcher and Nobel prize winner Dr. David Baltimore stating:“Still, Dr. Baltimore says that he envisions that some people might be leery of a vaccination strategy that means altering their DNA, even if it prevents a potentially fatal disease."

In the above video, Jesse Ventura suggests that COVID-19 is a "plan-demic" which has been orchestrated to support a New World Order agenda.

Rappoport believes that the public must unite and take a stand against any genetic technology than seeks to reinvent the human race.


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