George Floyd's killing was obviously staged - Yet another false flag simulation

I would like to know which group of satanists were responsible for George's Floyd's killing?

Maybe the same group that David Icke and others have identified as orchestrating the coronavirus "plan-demic"?

It's not "rocket science" to figure out that George Floyd's killing was designed to further divide Americans who have already been divided for various reasons.  This includes most notably the coronavirus.

American elites are no stranger to false flags.  One of the most famous and well-documented false flags in American history was Operation Northwoods which was concocted against the Cuban government.  Another false flag like scenario was former U.S. President George W. Bush's concocted story of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which led to the Iraq War.

Let's look at the major elements that point to an obvious charade regarding George Floyd's killing.

First of all, which cops are going to inflict such an atrocious act in broad daylight in front of so many witnesses who potentially all have their own cell phone cameras?

It is apparent that these cops were assigned to put on a show that they knew would get broadcasted all over America to create maximum outrage.

The apparent architects of this charade wanted to start some kind of mass rioting or a race war.

The apparent goal is to further justify a desire to move America into martial law by calling in the National Guard along with possibly legitimating the creation of new fascistic laws in the name of "law enforcement".

For those elites who don't like President Trump's efforts to re-open America what better way to slow that process down by starting some kind of race war or mass civil unrest?

And what better way to start a "race war" than to kill a black man over an alleged counterfeit $20?

Which cops do you think would risk committing such a murder in broad daylight which could get them stripped of their badges and thrown in jail with the general prison inmate population?

How long do you think they would last in jail?

If your answer is not very long, then one would expect that these cops must be working with elites who must have pledged to protect them from jail time.

The second part of this staged killing are those apparent black people filming and chanting around him.

Why didn't they intervene in order to protect George Floyd?  We all see on TV now in riots that there's apparently lots of black people who would not think twice about physically challenging innocent cops who were not responsible for any civil rights abuses.  So, why would the particular group of black people in the video not attempt to wrestle these cops-off from Floyd in front of the cameras that would protect them from prosecution?

That's because the apparent role of the people whose voices are heard in the video were apparently hired actors along with the hired cops in this apparent simulation.

Black people and other Americans who engage in violence in response to the apparent staged killing of George Floyd are helping to support the fascist Orwellian agenda of the false flag operations that both George Floyd's killing and the coronavirus "plan-demic" represents.

Do you seek more evidence that the whole thing was staged by hired operatives?  Look HERE.

If you look at the evidence on this site provided you can tell those the cops involved were not real cops but hired hands put there.

The hold that George Floyd which led to his suffocation and death was apparently not apart of local police training.

I can tell that these cops were satanic because I have met such "cops" before.

I documented one of these apparent satanists in cop uniforms in my book on Justin Trudeau and the Supreme Court of Canada

And it is apparent that much of the cops across America as well as Canada and elsewhere that have also engaged in human rights abuses are also imposters.

Such satanists in cop uniforms work as part of an underground network which include politicians, bureaucrats and judges who ultimately report to manipulative aliens.

Ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to the alliance of manipulative aliens and elites that work for them on Earth as the "Archons".

The appropriate response to such false flags in peaceful resistance which embraces a spirit of love, peace and empathy against the politics of "divide, rule, and conquer" by an apparent cabal of satanists.  These satanists include professional agitators who seek to flame riots.

This is how Martin Luther King Jr and other civil rights activists were able to bring about change in America.

Satanists love violence; and they hate peaceful resistance.  That is why satanists love to contrive scenarios of oppression of violence.

Check of my book regarding Justin Trudeau and the Supreme Court of Canada if you want to appreciate the manipulative aliens which preside over satanic elites and "Fallen Angels" on Earth.

Satanists are apparently now seeking to further contrive conditions of civil unrest and war in America and elsewhere so that they can feed-off negative energy that they use to legitimate oppression toward a New World Order.  George Floyd's killing seems to be a further step toward a planned New World Order.


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