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Coronavirus: OC Transpo's new face mask policy could kill

OC Transpo's current plan to adopt a mandatory face mask policy for riders is not only an oppressive violation of civil rights, it is also foolhardy and could create unsafe conditions for riders as a result of a false sense of security around face masks during a pandemic. It is well documented that face masks do not offer in any way the same protection which physical distancing provides.

Just ask the throngs of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and Canadian Armed Forces personnel who all became sick while wearing a face mask in known contact with people who have the coronavirus.  Forbes.com reports that in the United States about 300 face mask wearing healthcare workers have so far died according to CDC data.

Thanks to physical distancing, bus drivers and passengers alike have been protected from further community spread. This has keep OC Transpo safe for bus riders.

The City of Ottawa's reported justification for adopting a mandatory face mask policy is that physical distancing is causing OC Transpo to lose money and it needs to return the system to profitability.

However, it appears that the City of Ottawa is seeking to return OC Transpo to profitability while needlessly risking the lives of passengers who buy into the false security that face masks offers the protection of some kind of "force field" like those portrayed in science fiction films such as Star Trek.

Thanks to the sociopaths in the World Health Organization (WHO), which allowed the coronavirus to spread globally as a result of its misinformation, and Canada’s Dr. Tam, whose so-called "professional" opinion seems to change with the wind, there are lots of people who now think they are wearing veritable force fields against the coronavirus.

The apparent plan of OC Transpo will encourage sick people wearing a face mask to board crowded buses, along with asymptomatic people and this will cause the coronavirus to spread.

If you're wearing a face mask in a crowded OC Transpo bus and you are either sitting immediately beside someone with the coronavirus or if they are standing over you, the data suggests there's a good chance you and many of your fellow passengers will get the coronavirus.

Just ask Dr. Joseph Flair [video above], a virologist with NBC who got on a crowded aeroplane with everyone wearing a mask.

In the article “Virologist hospitalized with coronavirus believes he got it through his eyes,” Dr. Flair says:

“I had a mask on. I had gloves on. I did my normal wipes routine, everything like that. But, you know, obviously you can still get it through your eyes,” Fair, 42, told NBC’s Today show in an interview from his hospital bed.

He said the airline did not abide by social distancing measures — which he believes led to him catching the virus after droplets touched his eyes. He didn’t reveal the name of the airline he flew on or where he was coming from.

“You know, that’s one of the three known routes of getting this infection that we don’t pay a lot of attention to. We tend to focus on the nose and mouth because that’s the most common route,” he said.

“Droplets landing on your eyes are just as infectious, and of course I wasn’t wearing goggles on the flight.”

Fair said that, four days after the flight, he became sick with severe flu-like symptoms that spiralled into “a kind of walking pneumonia,” landing him in a hospital.

If a face-mask-wearing doctor and trained virologist can get the coronavirus in a crowded closed environment, what chance do the rest of us have on the crowded buses that OC Transpo seeks to bring back on June 15?

There’s just no way that I am going to ride on one of these buses that OC Transpo is seeking to pack like sardines during a pandemic, and the people who are responsible for pushing mandatory face masks on Ottawa’s buses ought to have no place on the public payroll.

They have not been guided by the voluminous cases of trained personnel with face masks getting sick. Rather, they are being guided by hypocrites who seek to exploit the coronavirus for commercial profit in the name of public health.

If the City of Ottawa and other cities across Canada need financial help, the right thing to do would be for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to redirect money his government is sending to the WHO into our cities, and into public transportation systems, including OC Transpo.

I don't agree with many things that U.S. President Donald Trump is doing, but, in my view, his stopping of money to the WHO was the right thing to do.

If the WHO was acting responsibly when the pandemic was just starting in China, they would have advised all countries to seal-off their borders while they worked with the government of China to contain the pandemic. However, their complete incompetence demonstrated that the WHO is not acting as the responsible organization that it claims to be.

The right thing for OC Transpo to do is to continue to support a regime of physical distancing and not to encourage any kind of crowding on buses with the relatively flimsy protection offered by face masks, which is going to endanger lives while also subverting the civil rights of all bus riders. The OC Transpo plan and justification for supporting mandatory face masks is irresponsible, short-sighted, and reckless.

No other major public transportation system has thus far supported mandatory face masks in order to support the unsafe crowding of buses.

The only "good" that the OC Transpo plan provides is to support the commercial profits of face mask manufacturers and egotistical technocrats who are seeking to use the pandemic to run ruckshot over people's rights.

These technocrats in the City of Ottawa are the same ones that have now apparently banned dogs from the Ottawa Farmers’ Market as if dogs have been a source for the spread of the coronavirus.

Mandatory facemasks on OC Transpo and the banning of dogs in an outdoor market are equally outrageous and are signs of a technocracy that is getting out of control in the City of Ottawa.

It is apparent that the aim of these technocrats is not to promote public health but to control the lives of others, including dogs, under the justification of an apparent "plan-demic."


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