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Blackface Justin Trudeau speaks without integrity on George Floyd and American racism

I stand before my fellow Canadians to say that I cannot allow one more day to pass without saying something about the politically self-serving and disingenuous charade of sympathy that our prime minister has shown in response to the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd in the United States at the hands of reportedly Israeli-trained killers.

Justin Trudeau has been nothing short of the worst prime minister in modern Canadian history when it comes to the advancement of black men like Mr. Floyd in areas such as federal political influence and the advancement of human rights.

Justin Trudeau has aborted the progress that previous prime ministers of Canada made to advance the cause of civil rights. Specifically, efforts that previous prime ministers have made to advance the status of black men in areas of federal political influence have been put aside in favour of words of empty sympathy which demonstrate no political convictions.

Justin Trudeau has practically obliterated advances made by Afro-Caribbean peoples under previous prime ministers regarding senior representation in the federal government. This has been executed under an apparent practice in both the federal and Ontario Liberal parties of fencing out Afro-Caribbean male candidates during general elections.

Back in 2005, Prime Minister Paul Martin showed a deep respect for Afro-Canadian peoples and their ability to play a very publicly visible leadership role in Canadian society by appointing Michaëlle Jean as governor general.

In contrast, Justin Trudeau has completely refrained from taking any opportunities to similarly advance the status of marginalized African-Caribbean peoples. Justin Trudeau has shown time and again that any male who seeks to rise to a leadership role in his government and who also happens to share the skin colour of George Floyd is "dreaming in technicolour."

It is notable that when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as quoted in The Guardian, said, "....[I]n Canada and we know people are facing systemic discrimination, unconscious bias and anti-black racism every single day,” he called on the country to “stand together in solidarity” against racial hate while presenting himself not as a prime minister of a responsible government with a plan to bring about the needed legal reforms to effectuate racial justice but rather an innocent bystander taking a passive role on bringing about social change.

Blackface-performing Justin Trudeau has not used the substantive power that he holds as prime minister to champion any federal–provincial cooperation to redress ongoing and often fatal police brutality against black men and First Nations communities through legislation and human rights reforms of the federal public service. However, doing so would enable black men and First Nations communities to be treated with respect in matters regarding the hiring process, which has systematically denied these groups middle and senior management opportunities both in the Canadian public and private sectors.

I knew it was time for me to leave the government when the Canadian Human Rights Commission would only hire me to investigate cases on the condition that I would automatically send out a form letter to numerous claimants to tell them their file had been "investigated" and their human rights complaint would be closed.

That is the kind of corrupt public service environment which operates under Justin Trudeau.

While seeking to comment on behalf of Canadians on his alleged feelings of "horror" regarding the spectre of American racism, which has most notably included the murder of George Floyd, time and again, here at home, Justin Trudeau has refrained from using his power to support the appointment of black males to positions of influence in his cabinet, the Senate, and the federal Canadian public service.

Furthermore, Justin Trudeau has failed to provide moral support through political leadership here at home to the black and First Nations families who continue to lose loved ones as a result of the infliction of ongoing racism by various police forces across Canada.

So, while Mr. Trudeau has sought to gain political capital by going down on his knees during a recent Black Lives Matter-inspired protest in Ottawa, where has been that show of solidarity to Canadian tragedies during these protests? These numerous incidents most notably include the police murder of a First Nations woman shot five times in Edmundston, New Brunswick, during what ought to have been a simple health check, and what about that black woman who seems to have been flipped over a balcony in Toronto during a separate police visitation?

In our unguarded moments is when our true selves percolate to the surface of our true identity.

When Time magazine uncovered multiple incidences of Justin Trudeau ridiculing black males through the notorious "blackface" caricature, they seemed to uncover the true Justin Trudeau.

That is to say that the true Justin Trudeau is an apparent racist who has a categorical disdain and fundamental lack of respect for black males like George Floyd.

Justin Trudeau's blackface was not a moment of youthful indiscretion, but rather a premeditated act perpetrated over multiple occasions by someone sufficiently educated to know better.

Justin Trudeau did not grow up in a privileged household of racially insensitive, "rich" parents, as he has sought to suggest as a way of legitimizing his behaviour.

After all, his father, former prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, was an ardent champion of equality rights through the Canadian multicultural policy, which he ushered in as prime minister in 1971, and of the human rights provisions that he correspondingly sought to champion through the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Similarly, Justin Trudeau’s mother, Margaret, was part of the flower-power generation that supported the oppressed, and Alexandre, who is Justin Trudeau's brother, has been a great champion for the oppressed in the Third World.

Justin Trudeau's vocalizations of solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests was little more than another one of the prime minister's insincere and well-rehearsed political displays aimed to cover-up the racist mind at the heart of his failure to use political power in support of black and First Nations victims.

Justin Trudeau as prime minister has been a two-faced manipulator whose words have never matched his actions when it comes to men who share George Floyd's skin colour and to First Nations communities.

Many of our First Nations communities have endured genocide, and continue to live under worsening Third World conditions with no running water or access to any healthcare. Meanwhile, a smiling Justin Trudeau hypocritically pursues the rhetoric that his government once and for all will turn the page on the plight of First Nations people.

Correspondingly, our black men have also become increasingly marginalized as a result of worsening ongoing patterns of racial profiling and systemic discrimination which starts in Canada's education system and continues on throughout life. Many black men, after having endured racism in schools by teachers, continue to be denied employment opportunities as adults.

The result of these practices is worsening areas of socio-economic despair for both black men and First Nations communities, which manifest in conditions of poverty, including substance abuse.

The Toronto Star reports that research based on Statistics Canada data released in October 2019 finds black families are twice as likely to go hungry as white households, even accounting for income and education.

Prime Minister Trudeau has not only presided over ongoing police brutality and murders against black people and First Nations groups but has also presided over ongoing institutionalized racism in the federal government and the rest of Canadian society, where black males and First Nations groups continue to be frozen out of both employment and positions of political power.  This perpetuates the marginalization of these groups in Canadian society.

Justin Trudeau's corresponding resistance to redressing the historically-documented and ongoing murders of First Nations women at the hands of police speaks volumes. Add to that his failure to deal with ongoing Third World living conditions among First Nations communities, his failure to redress the ongoing impacts of residential schools, and his failure to stop the continued oppression of First Nations communities in the prevailing neo-colonial child "welfare" system, which complements the rhetoric of his government, and it is clear Trudeau’s words don’t match his actions .

Justin Trudeau is a great political hypocrite who has sought to use empty rhetoric and gestures to capture votes from Canadians like those who rallied in support of Black Lives Matter in Ottawa while serving his political masters. These political masters who have ruled Canada from its shadows both in government and big business have sought to perpetuate oppression and the destruction of lives among black and First Nations communities by, in part, freezing these groups out of areas of political power that members of these groups could use to further advance equality rights and social justice that remains denied to all Canadians.

In 1960, then prime minister John Diefenbaker not only championed the Canadian Bill of Rights but also stood up to racism in Canada, enabling the migration of Canadians of African and Caribbean ancestry into Canada.

Thanks to Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, my parents were able to migrate to Canada from the then British West Indies.

Lester B. Pearson, who won the Nobel Peace Prize back in 1957, championed our national identity as a progressive actor in international peacekeeping and our Canadian maple leaf flag.

Thanks to Justin Trudeau's father Pierre, multiculturalism became a Canadian ideal that complemented Pierre Trudeau's championing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a basis for black and other Canadians to affirm human rights.

Joe Clark had an extremely short-lived tenure term as prime minister, but that did not stop him from immediately appointing Lincoln Alexander as Canada's first black cabinet mister in 1979.

Former prime minister Jean Chrétien has appointed cabinet ministers who were of Caribbean descent in central roles of authority. These were Jean Augustine and Hedy Fry.

Jean Augustine was also a minister in Prime Minister Paul Martin's government.

In 1990, then Progressive Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney appointed Donald Oliver as Canada's first black male senator.

In 2010, then Progressive Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper appointed Don Meredith as a second black male senator.

In sharp contrast, in "What does the absence of black cabinet ministers say about Canada?", Andray Domise commented on Justin Trudeau’s systematic exclusion of black people in his cabinet as he asserted, "It’s an incredible pleasure for me to be here today, before you, to present to Canada a cabinet that looks like Canada.”

It is apparent in these words that Justin Trudeau's Canada doesn't include black people as a respected part of Canadian diversity, and even for those "visible minorities" included in Trudeau's cabinet, their ability to support and defend the integrity of Canada as a constitutional democracy has been severely limited. That's what Judy Wilson-Raybould, who Justin Trudeau unceremoniously kicked-out of his government, found out.

Furthermore, it is also notable that since the retirement of two Canadian black male Senators, Senator Donald Oliver and Senator Don Meredith, Justin Trudeau has systematically sought to exclude qualified black male candidates from becoming a senator in Trudeau's supposedly reformed Senate.

When we see all of the failed opportunities Justin Trudeau had to demonstrate that he is committed to redressing the anti-black-male racism which is at the heart of ongoing police brutalities and murders against black males which Black Lives Matter seeks to redress, it is clear that he has shown himself to be a "blackface" prime minister whose rhetoric lacks political substance and integrity.

Justin Trudeau therefore lacks any moral authority to express any solidarity with anyone or any group on matters regarding the pursuit of racial justice.

Justin Trudeau's actions have been an insult to everyone who seeks to redress the inhumane and oppressive conditions of systemic racism in Canada.

U.S. President Donald Trump does not share Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's gift of polite and diplomatic rhetoric. However, it is apparent that black men in the United States under President Donald Trump have made more advances regarding economic participation in society than black men in Canada, where there is a lack of effective procedures to redress cases of discrimination.

Whereas U.S. courts give credence to cases involving discrimination and civil rights abuses which have led to large civil settlements, both Canadian criminal and civil court systems have been hostile to giving credence to claims of institutionalized racism which black communities have sought to make in Canada, and Justin Trudeau has championed no judicial reforms in this area.

I can tell you from observation that appellate courts like the Ontario Court of Appeals and Canada's Supreme Court are literally dens of racism in Justin Trudeau's Canada.  I document this in my book entitled Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada.

If you're a black male, many judges throughout Canada at all levels of the court system, but especially in appeals courts and the Supreme Court of Canada, will literally ignore any evidence and documents you file and rule against you. As a black male, there is no oversight body in Canada to redress such flagrant human rights abuses.

The absence of black people along with other visible minority groups among presiding judges of Canada's Supreme Court speaks volumes about the racial hypocrisy that continues under Justin Trudeau.

At no time has Justin Trudeau availed himself to nominate any black males or other visible minorities to the Supreme Court of Canada.

It is also notable that the similarly racist Canadian media has failed to observe the lack of visible minority representation among judges of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Are there no black lawyers qualified in blackface Justin Trudeau's view to become justices in such superior courts?

Actions speak louder than words, and Justin Trudeau's government offers little more to the advocates of racial justice than toothless public relations to the demonstrators he kneeled before during a Black Lives Matter protest in Ottawa.

Did Justin Trudeau kneel down on Parliament Hill for the black people and First Nations people who have been murdered by police here at home?

This most recently includes the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet. The 29-year-old fell 24 storeys to her death from her apartment balcony after police say they were summoned to the apartment for multiple calls for an assault in progress, at least two of which mentioned knives.

Also recently, a 26-year-old Indigenous woman from British Columbia was fatally shot by a police officer she allegedly threatened during a wellness check in Edmundston, New Brunswick.

This is yet another murder of a First Nations woman amid resistance by Justin Trudeau to redress the murder of First Nations women.

In July 2015, Andrew Loku Regis Korchinski-Paquete, a45-year-old South Sudanese man, was experiencing a mental health crisis at the time he was shot dead by a Toronto police officer while wielding a small hammer.

In February 2012, Michael Eligon, a 29-year-old black man, was shot by Toronto police in the middle of an East York street while carrying two pairs of scissors.

On July 24, 2016, unarmed Ottawa resident Abdiraham Abdi, a Somali-Canadian man, was killed at the hands of the Ottawa police.

Blackface-performing Justin Trudeau's public statements regarding "the horrors of racism" and the "need for solidarity" therefore have no integrity whatsoever.

It is apparent that Justin Trudeau regards black men and First Nations peoples as inferior groups that are not deserving of substantive redress beyond public relations rhetoric.

Justin Trudeau's failed leadership of black Canadian and First Nations issues is the result of the substantive direction of the federal government in the apparent hands of "blackface."

The lack or regard of the Justin Trudeau government on matters pertaining to Afro-Caribbean peoples and First Nations communities manifest from the very same mind that saw fit to act out a racist mind through Blackface caricatures multiple times.  Blackface was not simply a moment of youth indiscretion but rather provides a substantive prism from which to appreciate the worsened marginalization of Afro-Caribbean and First Nations groups under Justin Trudeau.


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