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U.S. Congressmen like Brian Higgins on Canadian border should butt-out and focus on saving American lives

National Newswatch reports that a basically self-serving group of 29 U.S. federal lawmakers led by New York representatives Brian Higgins and Elise Stefanik recently sent a letter to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, urging both countries to “immediately craft a comprehensive framework for phased reopening of the border.”

Higgins, a Democrat, and Stefanik, a Republican, are co-chairs of the Northern Border Caucus, which focuses on cross-border commerce and investment as well as border infrastructure.

The group also calls for interim measures to ease restrictions on family members and property owners, particularly those with property only accessible through cross-border travel, and “restore the social bond that unites our two nations.”

It is because of exactly this mentality that COVID-19 runs amok in the United States and why we, in Canada, have thus far been successfully getting the coronavirus under control and putting it in remission.

Reports suggests that the original source of the coronavirus in Canada was not from China but rather from the United States, and now these American lawmakers, in their efforts to renew a "social bond," apparently want to share some more of their coronavirus with Canadians.

The social bond that these American lawmakers seem to be pursuing is not an altruistic one. Their actions are no better than those people who knowingly have a sexually transmitted disease and seek to spread their "social bond" among their unsuspecting victims. These American lawmakers have no regard for the lives and wellbeing of Canadians. Such lawmakers in the United States scarcely even have regard for the lives of their own American compatriots.

In Canada, our society is driven by a commitment to social responsibility, which inspires support for our universal and comprehensive system of public healthcare.

The same group of American lawmakers who now seek to put pressure on the Trudeau government to re-open our borders are members of a society which positions the interests of the capitalistocratic U.S. political-military-industrial complex over saving lives. The prevailing pandemic in the United States is the product of the same mentality which now seeks to spread its own pandemic once more back into Canada.

These same American lawmakers spend literally trillions of dollars on its nuclear-war-supporting weapons systems so they travel fractions of a second faster. America now has enough nuclear weapons to destroy our planet well over 100,000 times. The diverting of a small fraction of money away from nuclear-weapons-making could have provided American frontline workers with the kind of support that would have prevented the current disaster in the United States.

It is unfortunate that U.S. Democrats like Higgins are much more interested in digging-up more dirt on U.S. President Donald Trump and seeking to open the Canadian border than saving American lives.

Then you have in Higgins’ own state governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio who are two supposed Democrats that are constantly at each other like two estranged lovers as Americans suffer.

So, Higgins is making a sad mistake if he thinks that the pandemic problem in the United States boils down to a “Trump problem,” and we Canadians want no part of a runaway crisis that can also be blamed on self-serving egos like those of Higgins and his colleagues who now seek to interfere with our Canadian sovereignty.

I say, thank God for a border that separates us from the political incompetence and lack of social responsibility that have led the United States to become the global centre of the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic exposes the iniquities of American society that result from the misappropriation of American taxpayer resources away from the kind of public healthcare infrastructure which has enabled Canada to get the pandemic under control.

If these American lawmakers respect our "social bond" as they claim, they ought to apologize to both the Trudeau government and all Canadians in general for seeking to put pressure on a foreign government to open its borders and inflict their public health nightmare on Canadians.

The Northern Border Caucus is in no position to be lecturing Canadians on a strategy which has been successfully applied to save Canadian lives.

In response to the letter, a spokesperson for the office of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said while conversations between Canada and the U.S. about the border are ongoing, “both sides agree that the current measures in place” have “worked well.”

It is apparent that these American lawmakers have no respect for any "social bond." Rather, they speak as mouthpieces of a superpower which has developed a reputation of seeking to bully their way into having the objectives of its political-military-industrial complex prevail.

The priority of the so-called Northern Border Caucus ought to be doing what they can to save American lives and hopefully get the pandemic under control in the United States, rather than seeking to insult Canadians with their disingenuous desires to support a "social bond."Unfortunately, thanks to such self-serving politicians in the United States, American lives that could have been saved have been cast aside in favour of a completely bizarre and Balkanized approached to the pandemic, one not guided by science or social justice, implemented in a greed-driven private healthcare system which treats its citizens as profit-centres and disposable commodities.

About the writer:

Peter Tremblay is the author of the book Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst,


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