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Did Ottawa lawyer John Summers enable Horace Carby-Samuels to be sold into an alien slave trade?

Get the book on John Summers HEREThis is a story of evil and profound injustice in the legal community.  Explore demonic minds in the legal community that include judges.

Most people today would regard climate change, environmental destruction, terrorism, or the threat of nuclear war as being at the forefront of challenges which threaten human survival. But today I am here to provide you with a different perspective on the threats to human survival, which I don't expect you to believe. With that said, and based upon my many years of critical research, it is apparent that the greatest threat to our survival as a species is, in fact, people who collaborate with lower-dimensional and manipulative non-human entities. I know of no systemic problem on our planet that is not the direct result of someone who has literally sold their soul to the devil for a financial or political reward which has resulted in the oppression and destruction of human lives.

In “Walking Through Walls and Other Impossibilities: The Hybrid Agenda,” Milton E. Brener cites references to the existence of a "Greada Treaty" in 1954 whereby manipulative aliens would provide big business interests with technology and, in exchange, these aliens could then abduct a "few" humans for various experiments to be determined by the non-human entities.

In the video above, Alex Collier describes how various individuals are collaborating with manipulative aliens regarding the alien abduction phenomenon. In the video below, Phil Schneider discusses his direct personal contact and observations of the non-human entities that are working with individuals and organizations that seek to facilitate such abductions.

It is my view that Horace Carby-Samuels was an apparent victim of a "regulated" abduction scenario by non-human entities and that Ottawa lawyer John Summers enabled the enforcement of this abduction as a result of the existence of such alleged treaties between people and non-human entities.

When most people think of an alien abduction, they tend to picture aliens physically beaming the human into a UFO where various experiments are performed. However, in the case of Horace Carby-Samuels, his body was left in place but his soul was abducted and then replaced by a demonic non-human entity that began to abuse his wife, Dezrin. Horace Carby-Samuels had already had a near-death "out-of-body" experience (NDE) during the 1960s, and it is apparent that the demonic aliens that abducted his soul were able to do this because of his previous "out-of-body" experience.

During the process of alien abduction, Horace began to have hysterical fits about an unspecified "extraterrestrial threat." Horace then began to experience dual personalities, which swung between his normal self and a bizarre psychopathic persona that stabbed his son with a kitchen knife, sending his son to the emergency room. The patterns of abuse worsened until the non-human entity completely took over Horace's body.

After the non-human entity completely took over Horace's body, he became a raging psychopath subjecting his wife to profound emotional, psychological, and physical abuse which her son Raymond sought to protect her from. But rather than the system working to assist Raymond in protecting his mother, a mysterious lawyer began to claim that he was hired by Horace to overturn a default judgement that Raymond had successfully obtained in February 2016. The default judgement issued by Ontario Justice Patrick Smith had empowered Raymond to see his mother on a daily basis to ensure her well-being and protect her from abuse which rendered Dezrin not being able to talk, walk, and write.

This lawyer's name is John Summers, and he claims to work at a minimum rate of $300 per hour. There is absolutely no way that Mr. Carby-Samuels could in any way afford such legal expenses. Indeed, when pressed by Raymond, John Summers refused to disclose the name of his actual client. Furthermore, in my book, I document that Mr. Summers’ involvement in the case was in tandem with a dirty cop in the Ottawa Police Services whose name is Detective Robert Griffin Jr., and four specific apparent secret society of judges who were working with Mr. Summers in a clandestine manner. Starting on June 15, 2015, dirty cops led by Robert Griffin Jr. began to threaten social service workers and other witnesses who observed the non-human behaviours that Horace Carby-Samuels began to show in his abuse against his wife.

It was David Icke who in a YouTube video before his YouTube Channel was censored had made representation of a whistleblower seeing a cop changed into an alien and back to a cop again.

It is apparent that Ottawa detective Robert Griffin Jr. is part of apparent demonic sleeper cells which allegedly operate in various police forces and then surface to perform unspeakable acts, which have included the killing of George Floyd and many other members of visible minorities with an emphasis on blacks and First Nations victims. Such acts, which seem on the surface to be products of systemic racism, appear to be consistent with “human sacrifice” rituals carried out by human physical receptacles of alien minds that seek "loosh" energy from the fear and terror which their acts are designed to provoke among humans.

My book supports the contention that Mr. Summers has sought to collaborate with non-human entities that have dispossessed Horace of his body to enable bizarre multi-faceted torture experiments.

It is my view that Mr. Summers' actual client(s) are collaborators with non-human entities who are using Mr. Summers as a legal "front" to ensure that an experiment under the auspices of non-human entities and their anti-human agendas is carried out against both Dezrin Carby-Samuels and Horace Carby-Samuels.

John Summers and Ottawa detective Robert Griffin Jr. combined forces to ensure that Horace Carby-Samuels' state of psychosis under the control of a demonic entity was not examined by health authorities. John Summers then conspired to ensure that Dezrin was denied medically prescribed speech therapy and any assistance that Dezrin’s son sought to provide to aid in her recovery from abuse. However, Mr. Summers’ nefarious activities would not have been possible without the presence of non-human operatives both among the police and in the justice system, which collectively engaged in criminal conspiracy, supported by the intimidation of witnesses who sought to expose Summers' "House of Torture."

In the old days, black elites sold-out fellow black people to European colonial powers in what became an African slave trade.

Nowadays, the slave trade apparently continues, but this time it involves non-human entities that Alex Collier asserts are living underground and that collaborate with humans who, in turn, seek various personal benefits.

It is my humble opinion that this experiment consists of Horace being made to watch his wife being abused by a non-human entity occupying his body, and that his being made to watch his wife being abused out of his body, as he had been originally when he reportedly saw himself being operated on with his wife hovering over him at a hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is also my humble opinion that although Mr. Summers would likely regard himself as a good person, I would regard the kinds of activities he has been involved with as those of a total scumbag who has betrayed the human race through crimes against humanity.

Thanks to John Summers, Horace appears to have been dispossessed of his body, and his wife reportedly passed away sometime around February 2020 as a result of sustaining years of torture. This torture was what John Summers sought to perpetuate with the support of an apparent underground network of ‘sleeper cell’ collaborators who report to non-human entities that seek to perpetuate the oppression and destruction of all humans.

If Dr. Michael Salla is correct in his assertion that much of science fiction hides truth in plain sight, then it was ABC-TV’s now-cancelled V science-fiction series which vividly revealed the kind of sleeper cells seen in the abduction of Horace Carby-Samuels through the illicit activities of John Summers and his confederates.

Mr. Summers' role has been to manufacture a tissue of lies and criminal manipulations of judicial procedures with the needed support of sleeper-cell collaborators willing to sell-out the entire human race for financial and political favours.

John Summers has not only engaged in terrestrial crimes. He has also apparently conspired in breaches of human sovereignty which violate alleged intergalactic conventions described by Alex Collier in ‘Defending Sacred Ground.’

The collective result of people like Mr. Summers apparently collaborating with manipulative non-human entities has been worsening patterns of destruction, apparently including the ongoing pandemic.

Dr. Michael Salla and other researchers have linked the prevailing coronavirus pandemic to such collaborations with non-human entities.

In his apparent work on behalf of non-human entities, John Summers literally turned his back on a sick and disabled woman, left in feces, crying to see her son. He turned his back on these torture experiments conducted by the non-human occupying Horace's body. These bizarre torture experiments occurred under the auspices of John Summers from early spring 2016 into 2020.

Indeed, two independent investigators corroborate the taking over of Horace's body by non-human entities. Furthermore, handwriting analysis also supports the contention that Horace was dispossessed of his body.

In the image on the left, you will see the signature that Horace has had for over 60 years. To the right, you will then see the signature of the being occupying Horace's body. Multiple handwriting experts have asserted there is no way the two signatures could have been written by the same person.

When Raymond sought to bring this matter to the attention of the Superior Court of Ontario, the administrative judge agreed to investigate. However, John Summers then got Justice Sylvia Corthorn, who appears to be working for the same non-human entities as John Summers, to declare Raymond to be a "vexatious litigant." This declaration was designed to prevent Raymond from interfering in this apparent demonic experiment against both Horace Carby-Samuels and his wife, Dezrin Carby-Samuels.

In my book “Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst,” I explore in more detail the institutional context of an apparent alien abduction scenario against both Horace Carby-Samuels and his wife, Dezrin Carby-Samuels. My book also relies on Dr. Michael Salla's research of manipulative aliens that are associated with a myriad of systemic problems on our planet.

If we as humans want to begin to redress systemic problems on our planet, we must first redress the iniquity of those humans who have sought to sell-out fellow humans beings to self-serving and demonic non-human entities. No words can truly capture the evils of John Summers and other such people who are collaborating in the eventual destruction of humankind.


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