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Seeking.com: Where greedy young ladies and desperate married men meet?

Humans can be a very creative species, capable of many great things. However, in my view, there are two ideas that would have been left to fossilize in the human imagination if we were a more conscientious and responsible species. The first is weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and the second is Seeking.com. Out of all the websites I have seen on the internet to-date, I don't know of any other site that is more disturbing. And this includes my visits to a wide range of sexist, racist, extremist, and otherwise ideologically oppressive websites.

Welcome to the world of "sugar daddy" and "sugar baby" dating. On Seeking.com, you have very attractive young ladies, often just over 18 years old, who are able to easily make more money than most professionally trained and educated doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants and other professionals by pursuing "arrangements" with affluent married men who are often more than 50 or 60 years old. 

These married men generally don't seem to be in “open marriages.” Rather, these married men appear to be pursuing their "arrangements" behind the backs of their unsuspecting wives or partners. But let's not also forget the ladies on this site who may also have unsuspecting boyfriends who may wonder why their partner all of a sudden seems flush with cash.

What this website seems to be tacitly teaching a new generation of women is why apply yourself to get an education and work hard toward a career when you can entertain a revolving door of men on any given day or night?

It seems any woman on this site, no matter how "unattractive" she might be regarded based upon standards of beauty in our society, can easily make thousands of dollars in any given day. Just to meetup with one of these ladies at your local café for 15 minutes on what is described on the site as a "pay per meet" basis could cost you $500. Or, as a lady, you can alternatively demand a monthly allowance of thousands of dollars a month from a guy in exchange for him having the privilege of an evening with you three or four times per month. As you can see, Seeking.com is no ordinary online dating site.

The seductive poses of the ladies on this site leave little to the imagination,and it’s made clear they want in return: immediate access to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. This includes expensive restaurants, international travel, rent or mortgage money, trips to the nail salon, or even a new car or house.

You would be surprised to know what married men in their 50s and up are willing to pay for the attention of an attractive lady in their late teens or 20s.

I have observed that the impressionable ladies on this site get so hooked on the easy money that they will literally contact you out of the blue for a "fun evening" at a place they have rented out in order to accommodate to their visitors. Thanks, but no thanks.

Do the men on this site have any concept of the social damage they are creating? There is no doubt that the ladies on Seeking.com will not look at men in general the same way again, not to mention the potential medical risks involved.

Equally culpable in social complicity are the occasional commentaries from "mainstream media," which has sought to characterize Seeking.com as a "site where some people go to help them with their tuition and other expenses."

With that said, I support the legalization of prostitution in general that would ensure the safety of sex workers and people who seek to avail themselves of the services sex workers provide.

However, it has been my observation that the average sex worker has far more respect for their body than most of the ladies I have come into contact with on Seeking.com.

Seeking.com has been proactive about seeking to keep "prostitutes" out of their site. And in my view, society should not interfere with what consenting adults choose to do.

Seeking.com is a well-designed site from a technical standpoint and has conducted itself well within legal propriety. Unlike many sites out there,Seeking.com has profiles that seem generally real; it’s not packed with lots of fake profiles where guys ought not to expect any replies other than spam or fake messages designed to hook you to a paid membership plan.

So, if you're a guy and your idea of a "relationship" is a potentially "discreet connection" along with a clinical exercise to "get what you want" and you're also flush with cash, and if you're a lady and you seek to pursue a luxury lifestyle by exploiting your "good looks," void of any social or spiritual connections and morality, you now know where you can go.


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