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COVID-19 vaccines linked to infertility and population control ingredients

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, researchers around the world are working tirelessly to create a vaccine to combatit, but there are claims that a COVID-19 vaccine already exists and will lead to widespread infertility.

According to a segment from the David Knight Show, an American talk show on the InfoWars website, a “whistle-blower” from leading UK multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) said antigens in a developed COVID-19 vaccine are “proven to cause infertility in up to 97% of recipients.”

In video footage, a man is shown making a series of claims targeted towards the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, noting that the claimsare based on information received from the ‘anonymous GSK whistle-blower.’ The main claim is that a vaccine for the coronavirus has already been developed; however, it contains dangerous chemicals that lead to infertility and can be used as a tool for population control.

Introduced in the video as Zed Phoenix (also known as Ben Fellows), the man makes controversial claims about the connection of certain individuals to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, stating that he wants to “look at who is running the vaccine trial.”

First on his list is Dr. Andrew Preston, a medical practitioner at the Milner Centre for Evolution at BathUniversity and media commentator on vaccine development, noting that “he spoke on television the other night.”

Phoenix added that Dr. Preston received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the tune of £28 million; Phoenix claims this supports the idea that the foundation is “interfering and trying to manipulate” human vaccine trials. He also listed some collaborators working with Dr. Preston who received grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

According to Phoenix, Dr. Eric Harvill from Pennsylvania State University received £10 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and so did Dr.Ernestfrom the University of Baltimore, receiving £7 million in grants. Of the total sum, about £2.9 million of Dr. Ernest’s grants came from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, while £4.1 million came from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases(NIAID) in America. Phoenix also added that Dr. Caroline Cole received £14.5 million in grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Phoenix describes the claims as originating from “an alleged GSK insider” who “believes that certain antigens are going to appear in the vaccine” and Dr. Preston, who works with GSK—which owns the largest vaccine production factory in the world—is aware of this.

“Dr. Andrew Preston, he hasclearly got links, major links with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and we've discussed how they'veinfiltrated the vaccine network, and nowwe're talking about how they're interfering and trying to manipulate thehuman trials and delivering thesevaccines,” said Phoenix.

He also added that “We’re one foot in this and one foot out but I’m going to go through this and I’m going to present it as though it’s the truth because I believe it is.”

While reading from unidentified documents, Phoenix says “there is going to be an anti-HCG antigen” present in the vaccine, noting that it causes sterility, particularly in women.

“It is also combined with HCG and OLH and 37 amino acid carboxy-terminal peptides … The principle of anti-HCG vaccine is to introduce antibodies which can bind to HCG and render it biologically inactive,” he said.

Phoenix continued to air out the claims backed by the anonymous GSK whistle-blower on the negative effects of the vaccine, stating that in males, “GnRH resulted in decreased testicular size, drop of testosterone levels, and marked atrophy of the prostate.”

The male vaccine would also lead to infertility in females, read Phoenix, citing that “a sperm-specific mitochondrial antigen, produced an antibody response in baboons and reduced fertility in the females.”

Phoenix continued to make strong links to infertility and the COVID-19 vaccine, adding that GSK had conducted clinical tests with the vaccine containing anti-HGC antigens on females, with 61 out of 63 women becoming infertile.

Phoenix believes that the vaccine is being used as a decoy to facilitate a global depopulation agenda.

“There'll be an explosion ofinfertilityand what will happen, as I've been told, is that people will dieand people continue dying but no one isgoing to be reborn,thus reducing the population of the United Kingdommassively, oh, pretty much within a fewyears,” he read.

“If this is theirintention around the rest of the world, um, then you're looking at a globalpopulation reduction.”

While the speculation continues to brew around the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine, Phoenix added that “there's also going to be a cluster of cancer chemical agents in there as well, which will cause cancers, apparently,” but he would contact private independent labs with no ties to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation nor GSK to perform random tests on the vaccine and its composition.


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