Aliens and the Mark of the Beast: Was COVID-19 genetically engineered to inject the world's population with AI biometric tracking?

Much of the leaders of the UFO Disclosure Movement would have use believe that with "disclosure" will come a new area of openness and prosperity for humankind.  This includes access to free energy technology which will save our environment.  But, the University of Toronto's Peter Tremblay and Dr. John Chang see a different picture.  This is a picture that has been made all too clear with the COVID-19 vaccine.

The following book suggests that "disclosure" promises to only happen after much of humanity has been surreptitiously microchipped through the COVID-19 vaccine which will enable the very demons identified in the Bible (which some people refer to as "Extraterrestrials") which have remained hidden to then reveal themselves as the "Companions" of humanity.  This Agenda was alluded to in the Canadian science fiction series Earth: The Final Conflict.

Disclosure is to apparently come with the price of satanic AI control over humanity referred to in the Bible as the 'Mark of the Beast'.  It is apparent that the COVID-19 vaccine is a launching pad to execute that agenda. You can read the chilling blueprint in the following book: COVID-19: The Biometric Vaccine Agenda.

The ultra-insiders who have been documented by Dr. Michael Salla and many other learned researchers as having consorting with manipulative aliens are not interested in any cure for COVID-19 that doesn't involve having you tagged and your DNA altered.  That was made clear in a Toronto Business Journal YouTube Channel interview with Dr. Pierre Kory who documented how his ground breaking research on the very cheaply made treatment of Ivermectin has been systematically repressed.

As Peter Tremblay and Dr. Orion Zee document, COVID-19 was genetically engineered to create mass fear and panic to then corral you into taking their injections as the only "cure" except that their vaccine is no cure but, rather simply a stepping stone to further evil.  Never in the history of humankind has a "vaccine" been shrouded in so much cover-up with the repression of not only Christian voices but whistleblower voices within scientific and medical communities, who have all sought to warn humanity of a crypto-fascist "Agenda 666" that is being orchestrated under the extra-dimensional auspices of demons and those who seek to deliver humans to them.

You can check out their book COVID-19: The Genetically Engineered Pandemic HERE AT AMAZON.


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