COVID-19: Quebec's new curfew is complete fascism - Nothing to do with public health

In the Quebec's Public Security Minister Geneviève Guilbault's outline of a nightly curfew that starts on Saturday, 8 January 2020 she completely failed to show how putting a curfew on any and all outdoor activity which include individuals waking or driving about in their vehicles is going to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Quebec Premier Joseph Léo François Legault's lockdown is yet another example of an arbitrary rule imposed during the pandemic that has been issued in the name of "public health" but has absolutely nothing to do with public health.

This is how Nazi Germany started.  For Hitler, the scapegoat was Jewish people and other minorities.  Step-by-step Hitler used scapegoats to erase freedoms and liberties.  At the time, the German people thought that they were simply making "temporary sacrifices".  Little did they know that much of those sacrifices were to become a permanent feature of German society under the Nazis.

Likewise, in today's Québec and other parts of the world, COVID-19 has become the scapegoat for the evil designs of ultra-insiders seeking to create an authoritarian society through a similar step-by-step process.

It is apparent that the COVID-19 vaccine is a launching pad to execute fascism. You can read the chilling blueprint in the following book HERE ON AMAZON.

As Peter Tremblay and Dr. Orion Zee document, COVID-19 was genetically engineered to create mass fear and panic to then corral you into taking their injections as the only "cure" except that their vaccine is no cure but, rather simply a stepping stone to further evil.  Never in the history of humankind has a "vaccine" been shrouded in so much cover-up with the repression of not only Christian voices but whistleblower voices within scientific and medical communities, who have all sought to warn humanity of a crypto-fascist "Agenda 666" that is being orchestrated under the extra-dimensional auspices of demons and those who seek to deliver humans to them.

You can check out their book COVID-19: The Genetically Engineered Pandemic HERE AT AMAZON.


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