America needs a new Right and Left Common Front to oppose a planned COVID-19 inspired tyranny

It is apparent that the same apparent cabal who genetically engineered COVID-19 are seeking to implement an agenda of mandatory biometric vaccines to enable the AI tracking and control of every man, woman and child in America.  The so-called "moderates" among the Democratic Party and Republican Party Establishments are not moderates at all but operators of this cabal.  Peter Tremblay documents this Artificial Intelligence (AI) agenda in his new book COVID-19: The Biometric Vaccine Brave New World Totalitarian agenda that is available on Amazon.

The goal is to create a Chinese-like authoritarian society under the pretext of a COVID crisis that this concocted.

The only way that such a cabal's goal to be stopped is for American idealists who support "liberty and freedom" against a planned COVID concocted tyranny on the so-called "far right" including those Americans who support U.S. President Trump to join with American idealist of the so-called far left who had rallied to support former U.S. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The cabal has sought to keep these two camps of American idealists alienated from each other through the creation of extremist groups under the auspices of apparent agent provocateurs controlled by the cabal.

This cabal doesn't like U.S. President Trump because he supports the American ideals of freedoms and liberties and he has not started any new wars that the cabal desires to make its money.  This cabal which has tentacles in all areas of Big Tech has the financial resources have the know-how to be able to rig an election in which the votes have been tabulated electronically and out of sight of prying eyes of scrutineers.

Ever since the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, a cabal has sought to infiltrate organized voices of American idealism among Democrats and Republicans.  The result of this infiltration is the apparent creation of extremist groups of the left supposedly advocating "racial justice" and extremist groups on the right supposedly seeking to defend "liberty and freedoms".

The cabal then funds and installs so-called "moderates" who look and sound very respectable and reasonable but with an agenda that is far from "moderate".  They talk about "peace, equality and the American way" but the true agenda of many political leaders that would label themselves as "moderates" is a perpetuated state of war, oppression and a self-serving betrayal of the American people.

Most Americans view themselves to be citizens of a democratic republic presided by the Office of the President; House of Representatives; Senate and a separate judicial system.

In contrast, the cabal views America to be an Empire in which "democratic institutions" are supposed to follow the objectives of the cabal.  It is the job of the "moderates" to say the right things in front of the camera while supporting the objectives of Big Tech and Big Pharma that are in turn associated with a political-military-industrial complex.

Former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower had sought to warn Americans about the political-military-industrial complex.

The cabal's apparent ideology is an adaptation of the ideology "National Socialism" which inspired German leadership to launch World War II.  National Socialism is essentially a fusion of communism, fascism and imperialism with racism as a by-product of a desire to achieve a hierarchical society run by ultra-insiders.

It is apparent that a new Common Front of American idealists who collectively embrace the values of freedom, liberty, equality and charity from all parts of the so-called political spectrum is vital to opposing the prevailing objectives of the Archons who are the cabal.  Big Tech has sought to censor all voices including U.S. President Trump's because they oppose the objectives of the cabal.  America's "mainstream" media has sought to creative a narrative that aims to demonize U.S. President Trump and any other leader that has sought to oppose the demonic agenda of the cabal against American constitutional values.

The sooner that American idealists across a so-called political spectrum can unite as allies in much the same manner as World War II brought together allies against Nazi German led "axis powers" is the sooner that Americans may be in a position to protect themselves from the COVD-19 pandemic and vaccination agenda.


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