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University Bookstores: Canadian company helps acquire difficult-to-find titles

Dominion Book Distribution helps both university and community college bookstores find and acquire difficult-to-find titles internationally in behalf of academic courses. Dominionthe.com helps ensure that university professors get the textbooks that they need for diverse courses.  This not-for-profit organization is associated with book distributors, libraries, publishers and authors from around the world. Hence, it is able to assist universities in acquiring difficult-to-find book titles without any hassle.

Dominion Book Distribution also acts as a library jobber, to help in collection development of university and public libraries across Canada, the US and Europe.  Any university bookstores can get in touch with the company to acquire various academic books which are highly in demand. Dominion Book Distribution will use its global network to locate those books and will ensure that the college bookstores are able to acquire the difficult-to-get titles. The services of the company are both efficient and affordable.

Go to their website for more information: www.Dominionthe.com


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