Marcella Carby-Samuels: How To Lie and Cheat Way to PhD

Trying to get into a PhD programme is often very difficult.  For some people that inspires techniques that involve "bending the rules".

Marcella Carby-Samuels inspired one method of apparently "bending" such rules.

First, you should try to marry a professor who is connected with a PhD programme and who can influence decisions on application.

But, don't change your maiden name.  Then either pretend to be single or pretend you're married to someone else.

Even if they eventually find out, you're still in!

Such a technique apparently worked for Marcella Carby-Samuels.

She married David Tenenanaum who teaches at Lund University in Sweden.  She then got accepted!

Gee, I wonder how that happened?

Marcella is no sranger to lying.  For example, she and her father concoted a story that her brother suffers from mental illness.

She then got the police to try to charge him based upon accompanying lies she concoted.

It is apparent that she lacks integrity and supports the oppression of others while professing to be "social progressive".

Like Jian Ghomeshi, CBC's former famour radio host, she is an apparent hypocrite who practices progressive values with a great simile in public while pursuing bruality and duplicity in private.

Marcella's nefarious activities resulted in her own mother not being able to walk, talk and write anymore.  She lied in behalf of the absuer of her mother.  Her mother wrote a note about the abuse and she chose to ignore it.  Why?  Well, I would say generally speaking I cannot profess to be an expert on apparent psychopaths. 

CBC's TV show (above video)  documented that it is a myth that most psychopaths are in jail.  Most are functioning members of society who have become quite successful because the rest of us award such unethical behaviours.


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