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Is Online Learning the Way of the Future?

One of the most incredible technological advancements that we’ve experienced over the past several decades is the rise of the internet. Not only has it given way to some important lifestyle changes that we’ve adopted, it’s also opened up countless ways for us to carve our own path in life and also connect with people all across the world.

Just think about it. When was the last time you bought something online? Can you imagine trying to shop nowadays without looking on the internet? Even if you do buy your groceries from a local store and visit shops to buy your items, could you imagine a world without the internet where you could look up reviews, news and videos that could ultimately affect your spending habits? Probably not.

However, spending money isn’t the only reason the internet was invented. One of the most important things for people to use the internet for is sharing knowledge. Wikipedia is one of the most-used websites in the entire world thanks to its community-built database of knowledge. You can search for almost anything on Wikipedia and almost anyone can make alterations to its pages. However, there are also other ways to share and take in knowledge with the internet, such as online learning.

What is online learning?

Imagine attending a virtual class on the internet instead of going to a college lecture. Imagine all of your work materials being uploaded to a website that you have private access to, and imagine handing in assignments over the internet. Picture being able to study in your own time and without paying ludicrous university or college fees. That would be a summary of online learning.

Unlike physical educational institutes, online learning has no boundaries or limits either. Want to study law? Then why go to Harvard when you can study an online criminal justice degree instead? Not only does it give you excellent qualifications, but it can be studied in your own time, it costs a lot less and you’ll ultimately get a similar education without having to get into a prestigious school or move home.

Why is it the future?

One of the main problems with education nowadays is the amount of fluff in between useful information. You’ve likely attended a class that has taught you a lot of useless filler information that was necessary to progress, and you’ve probably been to classes that you immediately regret after the first day because it wasn’t what you expected.

With online learning, you get to learn what you want, when you want and you don’t have to pay extreme prices to get into a class. You can sample courses, learn in a group with others and even look at free online learning resources to help you build up experience and knowledge in a completely new subject.

This opens up the world to a whole new level of freedom. This educational freedom you get is incredible and you can truly achieve anything you want thanks to this marvellous technological advancement. You can learn whatever skill you like, change your career path as many times as you want and even study things you never could’ve imagined having an interest in. Not only does it help students, but it also gives teachers and knowledgeable people the opportunity to inspire and educate others.


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