9 Can't-Miss Movies About Addiction On Netflix

Watching or hearing a great story about someone's addiction can be quite encouraging and affirming for those struggling with addiction themselves. There are plenty of Great Movies About Addiction on Netflix. Here are just a few of them.

Trainspotting: Starring Ewan McGregor, this movie takes place in 1980s Scotland. It centres on a character named Renton and his friends, who struggle with the very real highs and lows of being addicted to heroin. When Renton gets clean, he still finds it hard to break away from his friends and their bad ways, especially when they talk him into participating of a lucrative yet dangerous drug deal. The movie has its moments of dark humour and drama.

Traffic: This movie takes a realistic glimpse into America's drug war by focusing on three different characters: An American drug lord who finds out that his daughter is addicted, a Mexican police officer in the centre of a corrupt system, and a housewife who has no choice but to take over the family's drug business.

28 Days: This movie starring Sandra Bullock is about rambunctious Gwen, a newspaper columnist and chronic drinker who is forced into a drug and alcohol rehab centre after ruining her sister's wedding and crashing a limousine. She undergoes a transformation during her time in rehab that includes both loss and redemption, as well as learning the importance of having a spirit of gratitude in recovery. This movie also stars Viggo Mortesson as Gwen's love interest, and Steve Buscemi, who comically plays a fellow rehab centre patient.

Lord of War: This movie starring Nicholas Cage is about an ambitious international arms dealer. Though the movie isn't specifically about addiction, the brother of Cage's character features prominently in the movie. He develops an addiction to cocaine while working with his brother, which becomes a central theme to the movie.

Human Traffic: This movie, a British Indie film, follows five young friends who dive into the British rave scene in an effort to escape their unhappy lives full of dysfunctional relationships and tiresome jobs. It's been considered a great depiction of Britain's rave subculture.

Candy: This movie starring Heath Ledger features the growing romance between a heroin addict (played by Ledger) and a girl named Candy. She becomes enthralled by his bohemian lifestyle, and they become increasingly involved with each other as the movie progresses. As their dependence on each other grows, their union becomes punctuated by both moments of sweet romance and dysfunction. The movie is divided into three acts: Heaven, Earth, and Hell, which is a depiction of their declining relationship.

The Panic in Needle Park: In one of Robert DeNiro's earliest leading roles, this movie is about his drug-addicted character Bobby, who meets and falls in love with Helen, a curious girl who comes from the nice part of town. The movie centres on an area in New York City formerly known as Sherman Square, but the drug addicts in the area call needle park. As Helen grows closer to Bobby, she also becomes addicted. What follows is a series of revelations and betrayals that will test the couple's ability to stay together.

Rachel Getting Married: Though this movie isn't one of her most well-known roles, Anne Hathaway does a stellar job of portraying Kym, a young woman who is allowed to leave rehab for two days to attend her sister's wedding. The movie is full of thoughtful moments and conversations, making it a realistic yet heart-warming portrayal of what it's like to be an addict.

Flight: This movie features a star-studded cast including Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle and John Goodman. It portrays a drug and alcohol addicted airline pilot who gets his moment of redemption when it's left to him to save the entire flight from a perilous situation. Though this movie has its edge-of-your-seat action moments, it also gives realistic insight into the mind of an addict, including what it's like to constantly struggle with self-control.

Watching movies featuring addicted characters can go a long way in making you feel like you're not alone in your struggle. A lot of great stories have been told on film about struggles with drug and alcohol. Watching these movies just might inspire you to make the changes you need.


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