Miley Cyrus goes naughty and fashionable as she sunbathes in the nude

American singer, songwriter and actress Miley Cyrus is much in the fashion news, and always for the right reasons. Her fans very well know that she loves to surprise, and her bold fashion statements are too many to count. However, of late, she surprised both her fans and the media with her decision to go nude in the hot and dry desert, and all for her latest Instagram post.

Sizzling in the desert

Miley Cyrus plans to take over the desert and a yellow bucket will be her only piece of clothing with the sun-soaked golden desert in the backdrop. It is also stated that she would be appearing without any make up on her face for this very bold and sizzling fashion shoot. She plans to lay on a white lounger, somewhere in the middle of the desert.

A feast of tattoos

The singer’s snazzy tattoo, set in a dream catcher and arrow design, will be for all to see in this nude pose right there in the middle of the desert. As appealing as it sounds, Miley is greatly excited about the project, and knowing her ease and comfort with the camera, we’re sure that she will more than satisfy.

Ready for a bang

The 26 year old fashionable singer was quoted as saying, ‘Festival season is here, I’m queer, and ready to party. Let’s go summer 2019.’ The singer is all set, not just for the highly awaited nude sunbathing pose but also for a host of other glamorous events, that include music festivals like Woodstock 50 in upstate New York and Glastonbury in the UK. Miley is all excitement and enthusiasm as she gushes over these events, and confesses that not only is she eager to perform but also to watch the other artists light the stage on fire.

Saying it in Miley style

Now that she is geared up for her upcoming events, only she can publicise her performances in that charming, endearing style, accompanied by cute, naughty pictures. Miley Cyrus fans sure have a lot to feast their eyes on this fashionable summer 2019. Her sense of humour, with that unbeatable spicy touch of naughtiness is what keeps her fans glued to the screen. For a recent post, she posed sitting on top of a giant rooster, with the witty and naughty caption: “Woodstock here I come! When I’m not riding a wrecking ball, you can find me on a giant cock!”

The Queen of social media

If you see her following on Instagram, then you would know that nobody does it better than Miley with her irresistible poses and pictures. Her quick wit and sexy, fashionable poses keep her followers wanting more. Even celebrities, such as her former partner, Nick Jonas, complimented her on her compelling, witty Instagram posts.

When you’re going all crazy, fashionable and naughty, you might as well go all the way like Miley, and smile all the way, as the camera clicks away, especially when the sizzling summer is not too far away!


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