Love After Lockup, are Jailbirds Worth It?

The WE TV series Love After Lockup is a show that has gotten fame and viewers since they began their first season. The premise of the show revolves around couples that met while one of them is incarcerated. The show follows the couples as the incarcerated lovebird is released, and during their first weeks together in the free world. Their experiences as a couple in the free world vary from weddings, to love triangles and they keep our attention with all the drama. This leads me to the question, are jailbirds suitable love interests?

Lizzie and Scott — Lizzie is a convicted felon who is widely hated by viewers. Her constant taking and misuse of Scott’s money on drugs and cellphones while incarcerated led her to getting additional time on top of her 10-year prison sentence. When she eventually gets out, she stays in a hotel, in a different room from Scott. After getting engaged, and getting a car as a gift, she continues to spend his money until poor Scott is completely broke. She then decides to end it after a tearful Scott delivers the news that he has no dough left. She didn’t even wait a day before she gave the engagement ring back!

Matt and Caitlin — Matt is a convicted, drug addict felon. He has done multiple gigs in jail and prison. Caitlin meets Matt through a pen pal add, and the two quickly hit it off. Caitlin leaves her entire life to be with Matt once he is released, and they move in with his mother. Once released, Matt does anything he can to avoid getting a job, even getting into a discussion over possibly getting himself dirty with a potential job. Matt seems extremely comfortable living with his mother, and letting Caitlin support him. Eventually, Matt shows his true colours, and argues with Caitlin in the funeral home where Caitlin’s mother ashes are being picked up. He gets arrested the same night and tells Caitlin to bail him out. Once out, Matt goes to a friend’s house instead of going home to Caitlin. They broke it off six days later.

Tracie and Clint — Clint meets his “goddess” through a prison pen pal website. He quickly becomes obsessed with her, and offers her the world. Upon release, Tracie does not hesitate to show her gold digging ways by getting a $400 haircut while sending Clint to buy her clothes, going out to a fancy dinner (where they get engaged), and then taking his credit card to buy a wedding dress. She is late to their wedding by more than three hours. During their wedding night, she leaves Clint to buy more crack, and leaves with his rental car and iPhone the next morning. She is incarcerated a few days later, and again a few days after that. Eventually, she begs Clint to take her back, and he picks her up from the bus stop when she is released. They began living together that day in Clint’s NM home.

Megan, Michael and Sarah — This is the love triangle that gave us so much guilty pleasure! Michael is first introduced as Megan’s fiancé. Megan is a virgin who is saving herself for Michael. Their conversations are sweet, and the couple looks promising, until Sarah is introducedto the show as his wife. Michael had married his daughter’s mother while incarcerated. He had also had both women visit him during his time in prison. Once out, Michael keeps Megan at an arm’s length so as not to lose his daughter. He is intimate with Sarah, and impregnates her. Shortly after this, Megan and Michael meet up for a romantic weekend, in which they are intimate. The women argue with him, get tired of him, but both forgive him. On an unexpected visit from Megan, Michael arrives late to his parole appointment and is again incarcerated. The women meet and have a discussion after this happens. Sarah had another daughter, and both women keep in touch with Michael.

Brittany and Marcelino — Perhaps the only normal couple of the bunch, this couple made it! While their arguments are usually about the relationship Brittany keeps with an ex-girlfriend from prison, they find themselves getting completely serious when Brittany reveals she is pregnant. They are engaged shortly after, and have their wedding in the season finale. They had a daughter and continue going strong.

All these drama-filled couples kept us glued to our seats every Friday night. WE announced a new season in which they continue with the season 2 couples and one couple from season one. With all these twists and turns, and all the tears, anger and frustration I saw on Love After Lockup, it is more than clear that this is not the best way to scope out a serious future partner.

Do you think jailbirds worth it?


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