Ways to Avoid Online Casino Scams

The first rule of gambling is to decide what website you want to use to gamble. This is the most important decision of all the rules and tips for online gambling. Gambling can be fun, but most importantly it needs to be safe and secure. Gambling at the wrong website could really be catastrophic and end up being the worst mistake you would ever make.

There are many trustworthy websites with a good reputation on the internet. And there are many websites on the internet that are out to scam users.

Scam casinos can look great, and this makes it very difficult to realize they are a scam. For this reason, seeking out a certified and trusted website is the number one rule for gamblers. Do not invest your money into a site until you realize it is a website you can trust. Don’t just take a casual view of the site, a detailed analysis would serve you better. This is to ensure you do not become a victim of internet fraud. Things to look out for include:

Suspicious Bonus offers

Bonuses entice the gambler but to the company, bonuses are like a magnet to attract costumers. However, if a bonus amount is just too high, this might be a sign that you are at a scam website. You should not trust high bonuses without proper investigation.

Yesnocasino asserts that most casinos give a percentage of from 150% to 300% with a limit between $100 and $500. If you see any other offer higher than this you should be on the alert, as it is likely to be a scam. If gambling sites indeed gave out such huge amounts, they would all have gone bankrupt. A thorough research is necessary whenever you are registering in a new casino, to get to know more about the casino and the company that runs it.

Check The Company’s License

A license is the final authorization of a company. There are several websites that will add the license on their page for viewers to see its authorization. Sometimes they put it at the main page or in their “terms and conditions”. Interestingly, some other websites do not have their licenses and gambling at such websites could be likened to just throwing away your money. A website without a license should be avoided. You should not even wait to observe or analyze them, just leave and search for other websites.

Check Funding Options

Websites that are legal are licensed to accept gamblers from areas they operate and have different alternatives for deposits and withdrawal. If you come across a website that doesn’t accept payment through the list of well-known channels like PayPal, Visa card, Master card or credit card and Debit card, then you should not trust that website.

Some websites even accept transactions through Western Union, bank wire or direct bank transfers. Any website which does not allow transactions through any of these channels is considered illegal hence should not be trusted.


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