5 Benefits of Using the Internet for Entertainment

The Internet is a veritable hive of activity; an interconnected agglomeration of global networks with seemingly limitless potential. The World Wide Web, once a staple of security agencies and governments is now an overflowing hub of unlimited online communications, information dissemination, and entertainment options. We all benefit from using the Internet every day, thanks to the IoT smart technology is now a mainstay of modern-day society.

The Internet provides us with infinite entertainment options including gaming, communication, TV and movie streaming, videoconferencing, online learning, sports brackets and so much more. Best of all, we can access a kaleidoscope of engaging entertainment options from the comforts of home, or on the go. Old school methodology has given way to a new-age virtual arena of fun and games atour fingertips.

#1 Stream the Best Hollywood Movies Online

In the days of old, we relied heavily on Hollywood movie studios for all ofour TV and film fun. Unfortunately, the sticker price is no longer affordable especially when you've got a family to support and going out to the movies is suddenly out of your price range. Enter Netflix – the world's premier TV and movie streaming service. According to CNN, Netflix is fast on its way to 150 million+ subscribers globally. Consider that in Q4 2018, Netflix added 9 million new subscribers, beating out expectations by a whopping 1.4 million new signups.

Indeed, online entertainment is all the rage and this comes from an industry insider by the name of Barry Diller. Diller was a media mogul who worked at Fox, Paramount, and ABC. He recently commented, ‘Hollywood is now irrelevant…’ Why you may be asking? The answer is simple: Netflix. According to Diller, ‘… Those who chased Netflix will fail. Netflix has won this game. I mean, short of some existential threat, it is Netflix's. No one can get, I believe to their level of subscribers, which gives them real dominance.’

#2 You Can Play Authentic Online Casino Games

There are many reasons why online casino games have gained prominence in recent years, notably cost, convenience, and comfort. Frequenting a land-based casino in Las Vegas is all good and well, but it comes at a pretty penny. Once again, folks who want to enjoy the glitz and glam of jingling-jangling slot machine games, spectacular table games, and dizzying games of roulette need to simply power up their PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet and enjoy virtual Vegas at the click of a button. Nowadays online casino games are just as popular as their land-based equivalents.

Players across Canada can simply login to their favorite online casino to play classic slots, video slots, progressive jackpot slots, blackjack, baccarat and live casino games. It's as easy as registering an account at a reputable online casino, claiming your casino bonus package and playing to your heart’s content. Online casino games are lots of fun and mirror the excitement of traditional gambling enclaves. According to casino mogul, Steve Wynn, ‘… Casino is colorful and dramatic and theatrical.’ Even Hollywood heartthrob Paul Newman once said, ‘Money won is twice as sweet as money earned…’

#3Experience Augmented Reality

Here's one for the tech aficionados. For those who don't know, augmented reality is perhaps best described as a juxtaposition of virtual and reality, but it's not virtual reality. Consider the recent popularity of PokémonGo. Perhaps it's best to rewind and explain a little bit about how augmented reality works. By downloading apps, it is possible to fuse a real-world with a virtual world through use of multimedia audio-visual content. There are plenty of augmented reality apps available, including SpotCrime, Google Sky Map, AcrossAir, Lookat or and hundreds of others.

The beauty of augmented reality apps – an ingenious innovation by any stretch of the imagination – is that they merge real-world places with virtual overlays. This is a great way to add entertainment layers to an otherwise mundane scene. For example, if you're looking to add furniture to your beautifully renovated lounge, use augmented reality applications to get a visualization of that furniture in your lounge without even buying it. By looking through your smartphone or tablet, you can easily see the possibilities that exist. Perhaps you are interested in architecture, ecology, wildlife, history or some other genre? AR apps can bring education into a real-world classroom and make the experience infinitely more entertaining.

#4 Multiplayer Functionality

The entertainment aspect of ‘entertainment’ is always amplified when the experiences are shared among players. Gaming is a classic case in point. From collaborative story apps like TaleAStory, Plato, Gizer, to world-class games like World of Warcraft, EVE, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Counterstrike: Global Offensive and more. Sure, solo games are great online games too, but it's the ability to interact with other players in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia that makes online games so much more entertaining. You get to play with other players across different time zones, sometimes even on different dates at precisely the same time. Multiplayer functionality also allows for live chatting, and live video feeds. Say goodbye to expensive phone cards and hello to free communication.

#5 It's Really Cheap

The raison d'être for creating the Internet was to provide the mass populace with uninterrupted access to information, communication, and networking. The costs of Internet accessibility are continually dropping, facilitating widespread adoption of online communications. Over the years, we have seen an unprecedented decline in the costs of using the Internet, from expensive dial-up connections on your modem to cable, and fiber-optic Internet. Nowadays, Wi-Fi functionality with Routers is all the rage, and costs continue to decline.

For one small fee every month, you get to communicate with your friends around the clock, watch all the latest news, sports and entertainment, play all your favorite games, and schedule all of your appointments, work meetings and so forth. You can watch plenty of TV shows and movies for free, or for a nominal fee at online streaming sites such as Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. As far as entertainment goes, you simply can't beat the Internet for price.


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