Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian Once Again Graces Vogue Magazine Covers

Everyone on the globe that is not oblivious to the glamorousworld of celebritiesis aware of howit’s the style ofKim Kardashian West to experiment with her looks and show offinnovative outfits in fashion. This can be seen in how she dressed up for the Met Gala 2019accentuating her hourglass figure!

The remarkablemom of four recently posed as a cover girl forthe famous Vogue Magazinein the trending August issue of Japan.The model and actress, posed for three different covers which portrayed three significant themes, the first one being “The New Reality.”To illustrate this theme, Kim wore a firm red mask cupped in embodiedwhite mannequin hands. She combinethis with classic red glossy statement lips, a bold eyeliner with copper and gold eye-shadows, and an extremely beautiful necklace made of diamonds and rubies. This look wasvery unusual, yet turned out to be unique and beautiful

The second theme is ‘True Grace,’ where only her face is revealed, and a graceful rose-pink coloured glazing cloth invades the rest of the page- yet Kim remained the center of attention, of courseIn the shot, the fabric is loosely stationed in a way that it partly gives the illusion of a rose below her face. Her makeup is not too dark, yet not too light either. She wears a warm, glossy shade of pink on her lips, and on her eyes, a metallic copper eye-shadow with a bold, thick winged eyeliner- that definitely lays the emphasis on her eyes. There’s absolutely no doubthere that she compliments the theme in adelicatemanner.

The last, and definitely the most trendy theme is “Be Fierce.”The reason why this outfit is in the spotlight is that itin fact, retails for exactly $14,975. Anna Dello who styled this look opted for an unwavering bold look for this theme- a black sequin dress by Versace, complimented by multiple leather straps around her neck and torso. These straps have reflective silver buckles on them.The dress is slit down her leg. Her curves wereaccentuated by the cutout of the dress, and her waist, shoulders, arms, and upper legs remained uncovered. For this theme, she wears dark makeup. A saturated black and white filter fades colour from the page.The look she pulled off is just as daring as the name of the theme sounds. 

West not only invaded the cover pages of the magazine, but shealso appears inside, on the magazine pages. There, she rocks her standard skintight ensembles, which were worn beneath a colossal body-enveloping puffer dress from a collaborationbetween Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli and Moncler Genius.

The38-year-old reality star has collaborated with Vogue in the past. People reports that Kim West and husband Kanye West starred with their children Chicago, 17 months, Saint, 3½, and North, 6, in a video for the magazine’s “73 Questions” series in April, where they talked about parenting.


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