Is Rotten Tomatoes Rigged?

You have probably heard about the new Netflix comedy, “Sticks and Stones” by Dave Chappelle, where the comedian takes on gun culture, the opioid crisis and the tidal wave of celebrity scandals in a defiant stand-up special filmed set in Atlanta.

According to a report on Natural News, the film has just received an unprecedented zero percent rating from the experts at Rotten Tomatoes. The report argues that the reason for this poor rating is because the Chappelle jokingly dared critique leftist ideology in the film.  Based on this, they say that the website, Rotten Tomatoes, has been rigged by elitist leftists who do not want the public to see the film. “The funniest part is that the five “professional critics” who reviewed the show desperately wanted no one to turn it on. That’s why the stand-up set received an extremely rare 0 percent rating from the ‘professionals.’” writes Natural News writer, Lance. D. Johnson.

The report reprimands Rotten Tomatoes for failing to enlist the opinions of hundreds of critics and instead, limiting their reviews to the opinion of just five elite leftists who were so offended by the comedy that they collectively gave the segment a zero-rating. Actions like this are not expected from such a platform as Rotten Tomatoes who prides itself as “The leading online aggregator of movie and TV show reviews from critics.” The site promises to “provide fans with a comprehensive guide to what's fresh – and what's Rotten – in theatres and at home."

However, looking at the Rotten Tomatoes page, one could see that there are at least 17 critic reviews for the movie, and the reviews are a mix of both negative and positive critique.

A critic who hated the movie wrote, “Sticks and Stones registers as a temper tantrum, the product of a man who wants it all -- money, fame, influence -- without much having to answer to anyone.”

Another wrote, “Sticks & Stones exists as a defiant design to intentionally offend large swaths of the audience Chappelle deems too thin-skinned and easily outraged…While serving up simple, low-bar yucks to anyone yearning for validation of their anti-P.C. stance.”

Another seemed particularly disappointed “Like dropping in on a rascally uncle who doesn't know, or doesn't care, how much he's disappointing you.”

Critics who loved the movie wrote “Overall, I found the special funny, entertaining, and yes... very edgy. But more importantly, I felt like in the end, the world of comedy benefited from it.”

Another wrote, "He's one of the few comedians who can really touch on a lot of different sensitive topics and still make it funny.” While a third critic said “There's an overwhelming feeling of the now as you watch "Sticks and Stones." It feels immediate, a plea from one of our very best comedians to his own audience to stop the hysteria.”

Out of 17 critics, 11 found the movie to be ‘Rotten’ while 6 found it to be ‘Fresh.’ Natural News also reports that “the high audience rating was the cumulative score from at least 3,753 casual reviewers who praised the comedian for daring to broach controversial topics that most comic stars have avoided in the era of ‘cancel culture.’”

If Rotten Tomatoes is not rigged by elite leftists against reality, it is pertinent at this point to ask how the movie ended up with a zero star rating.


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